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126 – Suave Mask

125 – Nemesis

I was just randomly looking at old covers, maybe thinking about recreating one, whatever. I find this old series called Adventures into the Unknown. It’s basically a horror/sci-fi comic that ran from the late ’40s to the late ’60s. The standard covers tend to be people vs. the supernatural, giant monsters or giant robots, including …

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Ok, PANIC!: Doctors

My two favorite superhero mystic doctors. Though, I do believe Fate only has an honorary doctorate from a small community college in Alabama.

124 – A.I.M. Goon

Nothing makes a good story like a nameless/faceless goon and nothing makes a good nameless/faceless goon like a ridiculous uniform. What makes an Advanced Ideas Mechanic (A.I.M.) goon better than the rest is that the goons are all scientists. With guns. And ridiculous uniforms. This was fun to draw.

123 – Martian Manhunter

This deserves a better drawing in the future, out of respect, and since he apparently will not be part of “The Big 7” in the New DC.

122 – This guy

I have a feeling this person really exists somewhere. And he is a character actor.

121 – Space Ghost

Y’know, the real one, not that bullshit talk-show one that raped my childhood.

120 – Huh?

I don’t gotta explain nothin’ to you.

119 – Bad Guy

Unfinished sketch of a bad guy from a long abandonded project.

118 – Aquaman

Another of my long list of failures at life.