670. Supreme

A couple things: Today marks the longest unbroken streak of the Sketch-a-Day I’ve done since I started doing it back in 2011. I took a year off after the first year (369 daily sketches), and then re-started when I realized how little I accomplished when I wasn’t updating this site daily. In 2013, Sketch-a-Day 2.0 started and went for almost two years straight (I missed one day due to alcohol) and I stopped at Day 669 (do you see a pattern?) I paused to take a break to get some bigger things done and re-started Sketch-a-Day 3.0 after two months off. So now I’m at Day 670 of this round.

This has been a very rough go-round. In addition to 2016 just being the fucking worst, my personal life has pretty much shattered and it has been difficult-to-impossible to pick up the pieces. The woman I thought I was going to spend my life with left me and it broke me down to my very core and I still haven’t recovered, as much as I try. She hangs onto me like a violent ghost, I can’t exorcise her presence, and at times, I don’t want to. I have tried to fill my life with other reasons to exist, and it’s only barely working. Pretty much the volunteer gig I took on is the only positive thing I have in my life. I have made a couple of new friends, but I’ve also lost some and I no longer have a relationship with my family, thus exasperating my loneliness, isolation, depression and anxiety.

All this is to basically say that the only other thing I have in my life is The Sketch-a-Day. If I stop, I’ll die.

So, I’m continuing on to continue on. Thanks everyone who at least looks at this, bigger thanks to those that comment or share, biggest thanks to those that buy stuff or purchase commissions. I’ll keep doing it until… I dunno. Whenever everything becomes too much, I guess.

On a happier note, December 2016 is gonna be a theme month. I had meant to start this for like, 2 years now. Maybe longer? Some of the art you’ll see over the next 31 days is at least 2 and half years old. It’s kind of a double theme: ROB LIEFELD MONTH/JASON YOUNG MONTH.

Jason Young, indie-comics guru, is quite possibly the biggest Rob Liefeld fan I’ve ever met. It’s weird. He’s sincere about it, too. So for a while I’ve been wanting to do this, and a very long time ago, I had Jason make me a list of 31 Rob Liefeld-created characters (so, Cable & Badrock are okay, but Hawk & Dove aren’t). I’m gonna try to color at least one of these a week, but we’ll see.

First up is Supreme. I did actually draw this back in like April 2015. This is actually one of the very first completely digital drawings I ever made when I got my phone. I’ve been holding it back for this occasion. So now I’m committed. Rob Liefeld Month, closing out this garbage-fire of a year.

I’m still here.
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    • jason on December 1, 2016 at 8:22 am

    Oh… awesome!! 2016 has not been my favorite year ever, but this is certainly my favorite way to end it. So looking forward to every day this month now! Thanks man.

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