Category: Ok, PANIC!

Ok, PANIC!: Drawn Together

I don’t know what the fuck this is.

Ok, PANIC!: Popeye

Popeye Doyle eating Popeye’s chicken while looking for Popeye. Again, bad at likenesses, but this one goes deep.

Ok, PANIC!: Shapeshifters

I recently learned that Jack Kirby worked on the Turbo Teen cartoon. Blew my mind.


Slymenstra Hymen

Ok, PANIC!: Star Wars Holiday Special

Ok, PANIC!: Magic the Gathering

I still hate Magic. I still feel this way about Magic players.

Ok, PANIC!: Hellboy & The BPRD

Ok, PANIC!: Martians

The Martian leader and a grunt from the original Invaders from Mars movie.

Ok, PANIC!: Adventure Time

I have watched exactly four episodes of Adventure Time and thought it sucked hardcore. I laughed once, and it was a fart joke. I think Marceline is appealing, but don’t think I ever saw an episode with her in it. So anyway. Fuck Adventure Time.

Ok, PANIC!: Lost in Space