August 2013 archive

212. Frankenstein

I watched The Omen – the original version. It was meh. Just too slow and not enough interesting anything to keep me engrossed. So this doodle. When I was a kid – long before I was into comic books, I was into Cracked Magazine. I used to have quite a collection. Wish I still did. …

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211. JJJ

I drew this on metallic paper.



Last night I watched Not Fade Away, the debut film by David Chase, the creator of The Sopranos – a television show I’ve never watched and therefore I have no nostalgia for it. The movie didn’t make me want to correct that at all. It was fine, though. A quiet, character drama that I suspect …

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New Robin.



So this is not exact, but it is inspired by a movie I traveled to ye olde theatre to see – You’re Next. It’s a slashery/home invasion horror movie and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Most of it, anyway. It’s got a pretty decent set of well-rounded characters, some humor and a healthy …

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He smiles to hide his pain, just like me. It has not been a good day, yet also so uneventful that it hurts.


The past couple days I’ve almost forgotten to upload new drawings. I don’t know what’s happening to me. It’s gonna get worse when I have to get a second job.