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It’s October! It’s time for drawing in Ink for October. God! What to call that? Oh yeah – The Annual Winter Return of the Sketch-a-Day! Every day from October through December, I post a new piece of themed art. And for some reason, all of October is in ink! This year, Inky October’s theme is …

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999 is just an upside down 666. I drew this after being inspired by redacted. It also led me to redacted. I would certainly love to say more about redacted, but I can’t. *** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info

504. Superman

I am paranoid about this drawing for two reasons. 1) I feel like I’m fairly certain that Jason Young has already drawn this and I completely ripped him off. and B) That no one will get the joke.

God of Thunder

God of Thunder

Fuck yeah.