157. Black Panther

A while back I did a sketch cover for my pal Joe on the blank sketch cover variant of Green Arrow #17. I loved the cardstock that the book was printed with and loved drawing on it and the feel of drawing on it. If I could draw on that type of cardstock all the time, I would.

Part of the reason that I love it is that when Marvel started this whole blank cover sketch variant gimmick, they were using glossy cardstock, or not even cardstock, just glossy cover stock. It was terrible to draw on: pencil, ink, or color.

So when I was then commissioned to draw Black Panther on the sketch variant of New Avengers #1, I was kind of wary that it would be the same cheap-ass Marvel cover stock.

It seems Marvel has smartened up and have switched to the fantastical wonderful cardstock that DC has been using. Seriously, I love this paper.

So anyhoo, I was commissioned to draw this Black Panther sketch by a guy I had never met and who had never seen my artwork before. So, we’ll see how this pans out.

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    • Kathleen on July 8, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    That shiny shit just seems like it would be nine kinds of smeary. Also I love Black Panther.

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