April 2011 archive

070 – J. Jonah Jameson

No one quite rocks the Hitler ‘stache well after its fashionability like Spider-Man’s boss, J. Jonah Jameson. This was really fun to draw. I need more of my single character drawings to have some sort of narrative, even if it’s as simple as a pissed-off guy yelling at someone. Again, there’s also more brush-pen work …

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069 – The Tick

SPOON! Seriously. I love The Tick more than I love you. That’s not saying a lot, because I don’t much care for you. Guaranteed then that if I had to save The Tick, I’d throw you in front of an oncoming train. Yeah. You. Don’t think I’ll do it? Just fuckin’ watch. If I paid …

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068 – Spawn

A former friend of mine from high school and current Facebook friend requested I draw Spawn vs. The Cape when I initially announced the sketch-a-day. Sorry, Bill, but I don’t know what The Cape is. So you get Spawn by himself instead. Also doubly sorry that I kinda cranked this out just to get it …

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067 – Spider-Man

Really busy. Spider-Man on a post-it.

066 – Adam West Batman

Really tight on time this week, so here’s a post-it sketch I did of Adam West as Batman. Also included is another drawing of Adam West as Batman that I did a few years ago. I think it’s a better piece, but didn’t want to blatantly use an old drawing for today’s entry. Ok, back …

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065 – Chairface Chippendale

There are not enough words in every human and non-human language combined to describe how much I love The Tick. Post-it sketch with ballpoint pen.

064 – The Rhino

I got nothin’.

063 – Batman

Testing out the Pentel Pocket Brush in my sketchbook as I waited to get new tires installed. Surprised it took me this long to get a Batman sketch up during the sketch-a-day quest.

062 – Kid Flash

Just testing out the Kuretake Brush Pen with a Kid Flash sketch.

061 – Brush Pen Testing

I ordered two pricey/fancy brush pens online and received them this week, and decided to battle them out, cockfighting style. Or just test them both. Both have their strong points and weak points. The Pentel Pocket Brush is easier to control and maintain, the ink is waterproof. The Kuretake is smoother and quicker and has …

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