July 2015 archive

176. Zartan

So, I’ve always liked G.I. Joe, but rarely draw any characters. I dunno why. Even a few years ago, I rewatched the entire cartoon. Unlike it’s many cartoon peers I grew up with, G.I. Joe still holds up, totally. So anway, my pal Jason found the book below, and I took its lessons to heart …

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175a. Great White Shark

I’ve only read GWS’ origin story, told in the underrated Arkham Asylum: Living Hell series, one of the only DC Comics written by living internet temper tantrum Dan Slott.

175. Ghost Rider

174a. Bookworm


173a. Nocturna

Another round of nostalgia. Last week I drew the Savage Skull from one of the first Batman comics I owned. Well, two issues later, in another early comic I owned, Nocturna was the villain. I don’t remember too much about this, other than Jason Todd was pre-Robin and a ginger, and there was a creepy …

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172. 10-Eyed Man

I didn’t want to draw this Bat-villain. But I did. And now you all know how absolute shit I am at drawing hands and fingers.

171a. Calendar Man