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1449. Ka D'argo

When I asked Bruce Hughes if he wanted a theme week, if I could have predicted just one choice, it would have been a Farscape character. Not sure which one, but I knew he’d pick one. D’argo is a favorite, and while I feared it, I was looking for to drawing it.

1448. Launchpad McQuack

Another not terribly surprising pick by Bruce Hughes, but definitely a welcome one. I have always meant to draw more DuckTales characters for the blog, but they were never at the forefront of my mind.

1447. Jack Pumpkinhead

It also does not surprise me that Bruce Hughes would pick Jack Pumpkinhead as a request. Interestingly enough, I recently watched a Rifftrax of an terrible movie called The Wonderful World of Oz, in which Jack was prominently featured/made fun of.

1446. The Hound

While I know equally as much about Game of Thrones as I do Critical Role, I have at least heard of it. And Bruce Hughes knows me well enough to know that I’d enjoy drawing a guy with a half-burnt face. Bravo, sir.

1445. Abraham Lincoln

Knowing Bruce Hughes as I do, it is not surprising he chose Lincoln as a sketch request. My regret is that I did not draw him sad enough. He’s got The Hypo for God’s sake.

1444. Henry Spencer

An odd request as we continue Bruce Hughes Week, but one that is close to my heart. PSYCH is one of my favorite, endearingly fun and sweet shows. While Henry is not my favorite character, the show wouldn’t be the same with him. Good job, Corbin Bernsen. Good job.

359. Iron & Ink

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and former creative partner Bruce O. Hughes asked if I could draw a pin-up for the final issue of his comic Iron & Ink. Bruce will be debuting this last issue at the 2016 Independent Creators Expo on February 20th. You can also purchase it and his other …

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611. Maul

Suggested by Bruce O. Hughes, Gilda Radner as Maul. To say this one was tough to draw is to completely undersell it. I’m sure you can tell as it looks nothing like Gilda Radner or Maul. Still need more brain fuel.

201 – Justice, Nevada

If I remember correctly, today is the birthday of Bruce O. Hughes. Bruce and I met in art school in 1998, around the time we were graduating. For no real reason, up until that point, I disliked the man. Just me and my long string of anti-social asshole behavior. When we finally bonded (over Bruce …

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