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341. Hobgoblin

Lots of talk about Mark Hamill lately. Guess there’s a resurgence in interest in THE GUYVER or something. Anyway, I have no problems with the guy in general. Does a great Joker voice, probably the definitive Joker. However, its the exact same voice he used to do for The Hobgoblin in the 90s Spider-Man series, …

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340. Jackal

Also one of the worst, if not the worst. Anyone who plays a chainsaw onstage as an instrument and does nothing else to distinguish themselves as little more than an AC/DC cover band can go fuck off. No, wait, that’s Jackyl. This is the villain behind the Spider-Clone Saga, a storyline so bad, that 20 …

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339. Venom

One of the worst.

336. Mysterio

334. Sandman

333. Shocker

I was doing Spider-Villain bonus sketches in September, but life kinda prevented me from posting two sketches per day since then. So, I’m just gonna toss some Spider-Villains in here and there. Shocker!

246a. Rhino

My friend Bruce and I used to talk about how Rhino would be a perfect one-scene villain in a Spider-Man movie. It’s a James Bond opening, Rhino rampaging through the city. Spider-Man stops him. 1st 5 minutes, credits, then we get the rest of the movie with a main villain. It establishes other villains without …

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245a. Kingpin

Mostly recognized as a Daredevil villain. Started as a Spider-Man villain, though. HE’S ON MY POSTER!

243a. Puma

242a. The Punisher

He did technically start as a Spider-Man villain…