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241a. Tombstone

I think it blew my fragile goddamn mind when I learned Tombstone was supposed to be black. I get he’s an albino, but nothing about him was ever drawn or written in a way that even suggested this. He looked like just a really pale old white guy and acted like just a really pale …

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240a. Lizard

239a. Chameleon

Paul Jenkins once wrote a fantastic Chameleon story that I feel was sorta the Killing Joke for his character. But no one paid attention.

238a. Scorpion

237a. Hammerhead

Just like you shouldn’t read the comments on any article on the internet, sometimes you shouldn’t read the wiki backstory on certain characters. Sometimes once fine throwaway characters get convulted in ridiculous – even for comics – dumb bullshit and you find their existence regrettable.

236a. J. Jonah Jameson

235a. Kraven the Hunter

I remember Kraven from Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends… I think? Did he drink potions from his tooth belt that gave him powers? Is that a thing? Then I remember zombie hallucination Kraven from Todd McFarlane’s Adjectiveless Spider-Man (which for whatever reason, I’ve got a hankerin’ for re-collecting Toddy McF drawn comics again). It wasn’t …

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