Deadpo- I mean – Deathstroke!

I was a fan of the Marv Wolfman/George Perez Teen Titans late in life. I wound up picking up a bundle of issues that included the “Judas Contract” storyline from a used bookstore when I was 18 or 19. I was aware of Deathstroke from his own series, but had assumed he was just a Punisher rip-off. He’s more like Captain America gone bad. In my mind, anyway. Anyhoo, he’s a little overexposed at the moment, but he’s a great villain with a great look and design. Whenever they changed his costume, it was a crime against humanity.

I drew a Deathstroke sketch about a year ago for the purposes of putting it on here at some time. I found it while digging around looking for stuff to update the blog with, but it was not something I felt good about. I feel like I’m striving toward a more cartoony style, and the old drawing wasn’t bombastic enough (not that this is, either). But I think this new drawing is more where I’d like to head to, stylistically.

I dunno. I’m full of it.

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More Marvel villains. This was, I believe, my fifth attempt at drawing The Juggernaut. I drew him a few times in his normal Marvel Universe look, but I could get past the damn helmet. I know it’s comics, I know it’s supposed to be ridiculous, but my mind couldn’t wrap around the physics of it. Then I tried the Ultimate Universe version, and still had the same problem.

So I jumped onto the old Internets and looked at how other artists have drawn him. None of it helped. But then I saw a statue made for X-Men 3. Apparently it was the original design for the character, and I thought “Wow, that’s fucking awesome.” It’s too bad they didn’t use it in the actual movie, and it’s too bad no one took it to the comics. Because I think it’s bad ass, and it “makes sense” to me. So that’s the variation I went with, and finally did a semi-successful Juggernaut drawing.

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I am a fan of The Flash in concept and design. He is a character, much like The X-Men that I am always interested in reading, but usually always disappointed in. More so now that Barry Allen is back. I can’t give a flying fuck. Wally West is The Flash to me. And yeah, he’s still around, he’s still called Flash, but it’s not the same, and I don’t care that he’s wearing the John Wesley Shipp costume. Barry taints all.

I did draw Wally here wearing the John Wesley Shipp costume, but I also made it shiny like Mike Wieringo did when he was drawing the character. I always loved that, and his whole take on the book and characters. Wieringo was a fantastic artist, and it’s still devastating that he’s gone.

As has been pointed out to me, I seem to gravitate toward “evil opposites” for favorite villains, and I have always loved Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash. No real reason for it.

Even though he did not specifically ask for it, the drawing is dedicated to Joe G.

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Hellboy Postcard!

My pal Jason went to Canada last week and attended the Toronto Comic and Art Festival (or whatever). He sent me this bitchin’ Hellboy postcard! I love Hellboy!

I still don’t know if Jason is back yet, or even alive. Oh well.

Oh, and there was some crap on the back too.

Once a Man

Favorite cartoon villain as a kid. Can’t say I hated him in the movie, because he was barely in it. And I actually liked the movie. Excited for the animated movie to be coming out on blu-ray. Boom.

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Still trying to draw more Marvel characters and more villains. Spider-Man has one of the best rogues galleries, second only to Batman. Flash comes a close third. Not a fan of Venorpion. Not really a fan of Scorpion either, but it’s a classic look.

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If you would have bet me 100 dollars that Telly Savalas was not in the movie Annie, you’d be 100 dollars richer. I swear to Christ I thought he was in that movie. So when our new Ok, PANIC! topic was revealed to be Little Orphan Annie, all I new about the character was Daddy Warbucks – as played by Telly Savalas. In my head. Apparently that isn’t so, and that made this drawing pointless to the topic. So here we go, one of my few attempts at a caricature of a (formerly) living person, in his most famous role (since apparently he never played Daddy Warbucks), Kojak! Who loves you, indeed?

Anyway, go check out Little Orphan Annie week at Ok, PANIC! to see what I came up with instead, as well as my partners in crime.

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I’ve noticed recently a disturbing lack of supervillain art in my blog. Good villains make good comics. This is a trend I need to reverse. I also noticed an imbalance of DC characters vs. Marvel characters. Also a lack of indie characters, but whatever. I like all comics, and I abhor “fans” who are loyal to one company and badmouth another simply due to – I dunno – being simple minded idiot asshole fucktards. I really really hate comic book fans. You know who you are, assfucks.

Anyway, Doom.


I’ve been Covered. Again.

Check it out, as well as all the other awesome covers too. But mostly mine.

Can You Dig It?

I’m jus’ talkin’ ’bout Shaft.

This week at Ok, PANIC! we’re celebrating the life and work of Rob Liefeld. I have a feeling that we’re doing this ironically. I’m not a fan of ironic enjoyment of anything, but it is incredibly hard to like Liefeld on any level other than irony. But I am going to try.

In Defense of Rob Liefeld.

He is not a good artist. That needs to be said off the bat. I am not a fan of his work, and via interviews and whatnot, I’m certainly not a fan of the man either. I don’t hate the man. Never met him. If I were to ever meet him, I would shake his hand, tell him that it was nice to meet him and then make every attempt to avoid conversation. Incidentally, I do this to everyone.

And I don’t hate his work. Again, it’s not good by any means. But Liefeld is such an easy target, I do try to look at his work critically and find some good. Believe me, it’s there, and that is the greatest crime Liefeld has committed. He’s never lived up to his potential. There are flashes of artistic brilliance in his work at times, but it’s few and far between and surrounded by manure. If you look at his early work, you can see the influences of John Byrne, George Perez and Art Adams – all masters of the medium. Somewhere along the line, with the popularity of Todd McFarlane (whose art I love) and Jim Lee (whose art I don’t), Liefeld started incorporating their styles into his work. Instead of refining and trying to create his own voice, he became a mish-mash of styles, coupled with youthfull energy and enthusiam, you get steaming hot piles of New Mutants and X-Force. And once he became an A-Lister, he got complacent, and his art never evolved.

Which is a shame. I think if he had been able to focus on one thing, instead of trying to buckshot the industry with everything he ever thought of, he might have been able to turn around the bad taste he left in fan’s mouths when he began dropping projects left and right, never to be completed. He might have refined his art to be competent and perhaps even visionary. It’s there. You can see it in the crap he churns out. There’s gold in them thar turds. Or maybe just a chunk of corn.

My other theory is that he’s actually very awesome and is fully aware of what he’s been doing and how he’s been doing it. He’s simply fucking with us all and laughing at us for loving and hating it.

The above drawing is a parody of his worst attributes. When Rob Liefeld was revealed as the topic for this week’s Ok, PANIC!, I drew two pieces. The more respectful companion drawing is over at I had fun drawing both for different reasons. I’d actually like to draw some more Youngblood characters in the style of the piece on Ok, PANIC!. We’ll see.

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