Dazzler Cover Recreation

The reasoning behind this is three-fold.

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My favorite Marvel character is Daredevil. When you’re a kid, you discover the big characters and grab onto those for a while. Your Spider-Men, Batmen, Supermen. Even both of my nephews loved Spider-Man and Batman when they were younger kids. Then there sort of comes a time where you decide “do I want to be a comic book fan or not?” My nephews chose “not” and found God and other things, and that’s awesome. Perhaps if I had found God when I was their age, I wouldn’t be a socially ******** and emotionally stunted fuck-off. But we play the cards we’re dealt, and right now I’m holding all the nerd aces.

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Power Girl

This is another piece that I had drawn before, but was completely unhappy with how it turned out, stylistically. It’s also an attempt to draw more female characters, and in a style similar to some other drawings on the blog.

Anyway, Power Girl. She’s a huge hit, a massive fan favorite. The size of her popularity is immeasurable.

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Action Comics No. 1146

I drew this as a Christmas gift for a friend. The idea for it popped in my head and I couldn’t shake it loose. My friend had stated many times in the past how much he loved old Silver-Age Superman covers where he was eating, and for some reason I just kept thinking “Superman vs. Stay-Puft”. It had to be done. I made it an Action Comics cover because I love the logo.

I’m putting this up this week to coincide with the new Ok, PANIC! theme, which is Superman. Check it out!

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Deadpo- I mean – Deathstroke!

I was a fan of the Marv Wolfman/George Perez Teen Titans late in life. I wound up picking up a bundle of issues that included the “Judas Contract” storyline from a used bookstore when I was 18 or 19. I was aware of Deathstroke from his own series, but had assumed he was just a Punisher rip-off. He’s more like Captain America gone bad. In my mind, anyway. Anyhoo, he’s a little overexposed at the moment, but he’s a great villain with a great look and design. Whenever they changed his costume, it was a crime against humanity.

I drew a Deathstroke sketch about a year ago for the purposes of putting it on here at some time. I found it while digging around looking for stuff to update the blog with, but it was not something I felt good about. I feel like I’m striving toward a more cartoony style, and the old drawing wasn’t bombastic enough (not that this is, either). But I think this new drawing is more where I’d like to head to, stylistically.

I dunno. I’m full of it.

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More Marvel villains. This was, I believe, my fifth attempt at drawing The Juggernaut. I drew him a few times in his normal Marvel Universe look, but I could get past the damn helmet. I know it’s comics, I know it’s supposed to be ridiculous, but my mind couldn’t wrap around the physics of it. Then I tried the Ultimate Universe version, and still had the same problem.

So I jumped onto the old Internets and looked at how other artists have drawn him. None of it helped. But then I saw a statue made for X-Men 3. Apparently it was the original design for the character, and I thought “Wow, that’s fucking awesome.” It’s too bad they didn’t use it in the actual movie, and it’s too bad no one took it to the comics. Because I think it’s bad ass, and it “makes sense” to me. So that’s the variation I went with, and finally did a semi-successful Juggernaut drawing.

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I am a fan of The Flash in concept and design. He is a character, much like The X-Men that I am always interested in reading, but usually always disappointed in. More so now that Barry Allen is back. I can’t give a flying fuck. Wally West is The Flash to me. And yeah, he’s still around, he’s still called Flash, but it’s not the same, and I don’t care that he’s wearing the John Wesley Shipp costume. Barry taints all.

I did draw Wally here wearing the John Wesley Shipp costume, but I also made it shiny like Mike Wieringo did when he was drawing the character. I always loved that, and his whole take on the book and characters. Wieringo was a fantastic artist, and it’s still devastating that he’s gone.

As has been pointed out to me, I seem to gravitate toward “evil opposites” for favorite villains, and I have always loved Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash. No real reason for it.

Even though he did not specifically ask for it, the drawing is dedicated to Joe G.

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Hellboy Postcard!

My pal Jason went to Canada last week and attended the Toronto Comic and Art Festival (or whatever). He sent me this bitchin’ Hellboy postcard! I love Hellboy!

I still don’t know if Jason is back yet, or even alive. Oh well.

Oh, and there was some crap on the back too.

Once a Man

Favorite cartoon villain as a kid. Can’t say I hated him in the movie, because he was barely in it. And I actually liked the movie. Excited for the animated movie to be coming out on blu-ray. Boom.

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Still trying to draw more Marvel characters and more villains. Spider-Man has one of the best rogues galleries, second only to Batman. Flash comes a close third. Not a fan of Venorpion. Not really a fan of Scorpion either, but it’s a classic look.

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