Patreon Reward: Thor

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The Finger

It’s the return of my most famous creator-owned superhero, The Finger! A hero for the world in which we live, more relevant than ever.


I drew this ages ago and just plumb forgot about it. Check out the process video on YouTube.

I have never actually read the Faust comics by David Quinn and Tim Vigil, but am highly aware of them, and the movie. I know there’s an omnibus out there, but feel it was prohibitively expensive. I also don’t know if this is a tongue-in-cheek porno BatVerine satire of superheroes or if it’s sincere in it’s gore & tits vibe. Like… I’ve also always wondered if Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose is worth reading for the chuckles or is it so self-serious that it’s impossible to read, and both books have very samey Hart Fisher-esque vibes, as well as a slew of mid-90s indie books which totally were sincere in their “grittiness”.

Spawn Blank Cover

Started this Spawn sketch cover a long time ago. It is available for sale in my shop.

Patreon Reward: Warlock the Nemesis

This may have been the hardest character I’ve ever had to draw. I started like 8 versions of this. I looked up SO MUCH reference, despite being fairly familiar with this Kevin O’Neill character. I still don’t think I did it justice.

Patreon Reward: M3GAN

I cackled – CACKLED – throughout the entirety of M3GAN. I want a M3GAN for my cat.

BTW, as of this sketch, I am “draws with a magnifying glass” years old.


The final Dick. Red Robin (Yum!) from Alex Ross & Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come series, which takes place in a dystopian alternate future where grim-n-gritty anti-heroes run rampant, and the classic do-gooders are powerless to stop them. I’ve berated Frank Miller’s Dark Knight series for the reactionary takes to it which have really ruined Batman beyond repair. I feel like Kingdom Come had a similar effect on Superman and led directly to things like Man of Steel, where the masses just miss the goddamn point of Superman.

I’m not a huge fan of Alex Ross, but I like this grown-up Red Robin look and I like that he made middle-aged Dick Grayson look like the Michael Keaton Batman, which I tried to emulate here. This is also to help differentiate from the time Tim Drake (Time Drake?!) wore this suit and was known as Red Robin.

Thus ends the Robin Fortnight. Thank you for putting up with this short, poorly-drawn history of Robins; and finally for allowing me to show you my Dicks with all these Dick pics. I hope you’re all satisfied with these Dicks as I am fully satiated and probably need to take a short nap.


This is an ugly-ass Dick. Traveling back to Earth 2, it’s Dick’s Robin costume from when he grew too big for his short-pants and needed a better fit. He wore this (or rather, a version of this) just before he opted for the weird Batbin (Robman?) hybrid from yesterday. Then, when Earth 1 Dick came across Earth 2 Dick (in the stupid suit), Young Dick wore this as he worked with Old Dick.

One last Dick to bring this to a climax!


I’ve drawn this Dick before. It’s his original (I think?) Pre-Crisis Earth 2 costume. It’s such a mess. It’s an alternate fully-grown Dick keeping the name of Robin, but combining the Batman & Robin looks in the worst possible way. It’s awful and I love it. I love Dick!

More Dick still to come!


We made it, guys! Dick is here! Dick for all! Check out the Process Video on YouTube!

Kicking off the DickFest is the newish take on the original Dick Grayson-as-Robin costume designed by Dan Mora for the way-better-than-it-ever-should-be Batman-Superman: World’s Finest comic. It’s got classic Batman & classic Superman, both totally presented at their best (and they’re best friends!) and also leaning into a lot of classic Robin too, and I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT. The most recent issue featured Robin & Supergirl going on a terrible date and it is a joy. A. JOY.

More Dick coming tomorrow!