Kevin Conroy’s death hit harder than most celebrity deaths for me. Most likely just the shock, and the fact that he has been a part of my entertainment-consuming life for 30 years. I’ve definitely got my favorite live-action Batmen (West, Keaton), and I even like Batman: Brave & The Bold more than I like Batman: TAS, but that doesn’t mean Conroy wasn’t the best Batman. He absolutely was (never forget, there’s a difference between “favorite” and “best”).

Inspired and as a tribute, I drew this Animated Series-esque Batman.

Patreon Reward: Mary Marvel

I’ve enjoyed what I read of New Champion of Shazam (stupid almost dying made me fall behind on comics). I really like her new costume. In fact, anything “Shazam!” related that moves as far out of Geoff John’s grip as humanly possible, I’m on board for. I still will never accept that they aren’t The Marvels, though.

Patreon Reward: Captain Planet

I have never ever watched anything “Captain Planet” related. But I was fully aware of what it was and what it was about. Apparently that show lasted 6 seasons and had 113 episodes. Who knew?!

Not gonna lie, I wanna draw more Captain Planet.

Patreon Reward: Gizmo

Caught up! I love Gizmo, no matter how much Stripe calls him “ca-ca”. I was worried about capturing Gizmo’s cuteness. I think I nailed it.

Patreon Catcall – Gladiator

Of all the Marvel Superman analogues, Gladiator is my favorite. Instead of the sun, he’s powered by his own ego. It’s great. Plus, if it’s a Dave Cockrum design, I’m on board and I wanna draw it.

Patreon Catchall – The Invisible Man

The Patron, when asked what sketches she wanted for when I was sick, said for October’s missed sketch, The Invisible Man.

She didn’t know who she was fucking with.

Patreon Catch ’em – Darkman

I love Sam Raimi’s Darkman so hard. I really wanted to try something different with this sketch. I’m not sure I was entirely successful with what my intent was. I hope the Patron enjoys it nonetheless.

Patreon Ketchum – Invisible Jet

The Patron, when asked what sketches she wanted for when I was sick, said for September’s missed sketch, Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet.

She didn’t know who she was fucking with.

Patreon Catsup – She-Hulk

I enjoyed the Disney+ She-Hulk show. It was fun. The ending was an absolute delight. I’ve pretty much always been a fan of the character too. Always a pleasure to attempt to draw.

Patreon Ketchup – Taskmaster

Out of the hospital for a month now, back to work full-time. Still can’t walk, still have a long way to go. But, I do have a little more time now to catch up on the Patreon Reward sketches I unfortunately had to set aside while I was sick.

First up is Taskmaster! Now you may think it’s Greg behind that mask, but the real fans know it’s really Alex.