Patreon Reward: Rogue Sun

Patron asked for this character. I know nothing about it, but I think it’s vaguely involved in the weird sorta “Radiant Black” mini-universe that’s happening at Image Comics?


Posted a quickie process video on The You Tubes. Check it out & like it at the very least.

Captain Cold

This Christmas sketch went out to my old friend Alec Ross, whom I much prefer over my old enemy Alex Ross. Anyway, I love a Flash rogue and I don’t draw them nearly enough.


This was another of my Christmas sketches. This went out to my friend Marcia (whom I haven’t seen or talked to in approximately 25 years, but still think of fondly). She asked for a kitty. I went with the cat in which I had the most available reference photos for – mine. Choco. I’m not great at animals, and I wasn’t happy with these two attempts, so I just sent her both.

Had it been a week later, when I discovered the pile of books Choco had pissed on, I’d have mailed him to Marcia as well.

Patreon Reward: M.A.N.T.I.S.

Patron had asked if I remembered this show from the early-to-mid-90s. I did! I don’t recall if I ever watched it, though. I know its big selling point (outside of it being a superhero show) was it was created by Sam Raimi of Sam Raimi fame, and Samm Hammm of Batmmmman ’89 fame. Lots of ads for it in the backs of comics. It lasted one season, starting in the fall of ’94. I had just started working at the movie theater, which meant evenings and weekends were over for me, and I did not watch anything. Probably why I never became a big X-Files fan, either. Work work work.

Blue Devil

I made a thing. Check out the process video here on YouTube, and subscribe to my YouTube channel for annual updates!


It’s been awhile since I updated my “official” self-portrait. I’ve since lost a lot of weight, and my hair.

Patreon Reward: Hawkeye

Patron requested a Jeremy Renner-approximate Hawkeye, in memory of the snow-plowed, hot sauce-shilling, problematic actor. RIP.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my love of comicbook Hawkeye here before. He’s such a great character. I miss his classic costume. The MCU has a lot to answer for in the coming wars.

Weird Al

Shortly before Christmas, my brand new Surface charger died (the 3rd one I’d had to buy over the course of 2 years – thanks, Choco! [though this one was not the cat’s fault, it was just a shitty, cheap product]). Unfortunately, due to the holiday, I could not get a replacement until after Christmas. Which left me bored and forced to draw on good ol’ fashioned paper with good ol’ fashioned pencil and ink. It was too early to receive any Patreon requests, and in the spirit of the season, I put out an offer on all my social media accounts (Twitter, Mastodon, Hive, Instagram [also YouTube]. @eshonborn across them all, mostly). If any of my followers responded, I’d send them a sketch of their choice as a Christmas present.

I only got responses on my Instagram account, and I only got 4 total.

Rather than pick, I decided all four people would get a sketch. Merry Christmas!

First up was “Weird” Al Yankovic, requested by my former hetero life-partner Jason Young. We don’t get to hang out much anymore, what with me moving to the country, a world-wide pandemic, and his new jet-setting, hard-traveling lifestyle. As much as I’d like to be the Green Arrow to his Green Lantern, my recent disability keeps me home & work-bound, sadly.

Anyway, I hate drawing likenesses, and I struggle with caricatures. That said, this is also now the 3rd time I’ve drawn a “Weird” Al.

Also, I cannot recommend the 100% factual “Weird” Al biopic Weird enough. It’s absolutely fantastic, and as great as Daniel Radcliffe is as “Weird” Al, Evan Rachel Wood deserves all the awards for her portrayal of Madonna. She is mesmerizing.


Just a quick phone doodle.