The Captain

Drew this some time ago and never posted it anywhere but on bluesky.

Listen, he’ll always be Captain Marvel to me, but I am 95% on board with him being called “The Captain” or “Captain” in the current Shazam comic.


This is SCP-049, a humanoid that resembles a medieval plague doctor and can re-animate corpses, believing it is curing them of a “pestilence”.

It’s from an online fiction collaborative called the SCP Foundation, a fictional research foundation that studies the supernatural.

Drew this for a friend who went out of her way to give me a ride during the last month since my car died.

By the way, my car died. I need money for a new one.

Buy my art or contact me for a commission, please?

Patreon Reward: Godzilla

The patron asked for Godzilla “any version” and I jokingly responded “’98 version it is!”, because who seriously wants that? He responded with “underrated classic” or something similar, and whoof. I like this person a lot, but between this and discovering that he is “Team Sanity” in the great Drop Dead Fred discourse (Team Fred, baby!), I dunno anymore, man.

Anyway, I drew a sorta mishmashy standard Toho Godzilla. There goes Tokyo, drifting away.

Patreon Reward: The Ray

The patron asked for The Ray, stating how cool he always looked, and that is a very correct fact, especially when a young Joe Quesada drew him.


I did a YouTubes.


The Ever-Living!


Not a Thundercat, but a cool looking semi-regular

Wilykit, Wilykat, & Snarf

A whole bag of obnoxious


The 2nd sexiest Thundercat. I’ll let you guess who #1 is.



Not as sexy as Marvel’s Tigra, but up there.