Patreon Reward: Firebreather

I don’t know a thing about this character. I remember it coming out around the same time as INVINCIBLE. I remember it had a terrible-looking CGI ‘toon pilot/tv movie. And Phil Hester was involved.

Kinda fun to draw.

Patreon Reward: Lobo

Yes, there was a small part of me that thought to draw Nu52 “twink” Lobo.

Or orange & purple skinsuit Lobo.

Who Me?


Misty Knight

After going full parody cheesecake on the last few female characters I’ve drawn, I decided to scale it back a little with Misty Knight.


Happy Fourth of July. Superman’s on the shitter. America’s in the shitter.

I will draw all your favorite superheroes on toilets for a reasonable price.

The Golden Bat

I mentioned the other day on Bluesky that I wanted to draw more obscure and old – and most likely non-DC & Marvel superheroes. Now that I’m no longer posting on Instagram, and no longer trying to hound after non-existent views, I wanna draw more weird stuff (though I do still love drawing Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and Daredevil).

A friend of mine threw out the name of “Golden Bat”. I had no idea what this was, so, to the search engine of choice I went (Duck-duck-go, btw. Google FUCKING SUCKS)!

You don’t get more old than The Golden Bat. Created in Japan in 1930 by Suzuki Ichiro and Takeo Nagamatsu, pre-dating Superman by 8 years. He’s from Atlantis and has super-strength and can fly. He even lives in a fortress (of solitude).

Look him up! I’m not your dad!

Anyway, I did a re-designy thing on him.

The Punisher

Lynn Michaels, the female Punisher, cheesed-up a la Mark Texiera, but grimed up a ala me. Lookit how happy her skull is! Tits!

Patreon Reward: Max Rockatansky

There was an accidental theme for Patron rewards this month. Leather-clad fellas from dystopian futures with last names ending in “nsky”.

The patron asked for Mad Max. I normally seize up at doing likenesses, but felt more relaxed at this. Given now that two different men have played the character, I can safely say Mad Max is more a “vibe” than a person. Though, I did lean heavier on the Mel/Road Warrior side of things, I didn’t feel the need to make it look exactly like him – which it never does anyway! Even drawing Emil, I still felt a need to make it look like the actor even though he’s a blobby toxic mess. Much like real-life modern day Mel Gibson!

Anyway, go see Furiosa, it’s fucking great.

Patreon Reward: Emil Antonowsky

I don’t think any movie is “perfect”, but RoboCop is damn close.

Drawing this got me thinking about actor Paul McCrane, who plays Emil in RoboCop, and of course, gets drenched in toxic waste and then gets exploded into nothing via hit and run. It’s one of the most memorable moments of the film, and imprinted on me hard. But poor Paul McCrane.

A few weeks ago, I watched the 80s remake of The Blob. Forgot he was in that. He gets folded in half and then sucked through a door by The Blob.

Then, decades later, he’s on ER playing a doctor. Pretty innocuous. It’s a show in which I have seen a total of two episodes. In one of those episode, he gets his arm chopped off by a helicopter. In the only other episode I ever watched, he gets hit by a falling helicopter. AND IS NEVER FOUND. Emergency response helicopters HATED THAT DUDE.

He might as well be the American Sean Bean.


Video Here