I made cookies


By request of Joe Grunenwald. I took this opportunity to try to work on changing my style a little. Didn’t work. Looks like everything else I ever draw.



In honor of Across the Spider-Verse coming out, here’s a re-designed Hobie Brown as Spider-Punk. This is in of itself a re-imagining of this sketch I drew 3,000 years ago.

The original for this will be available in my store soon, and I’m thinking of making prints of this for my upcoming show appearance.



Short process video on my YouTube channel

Batman #50

Art For sale in my shop. Blank Cover for Batman #50.

Patreon Reward: The Flash

Always Wally, but Sometimes – happily – Jay.

Patreon Reward: Lando Calrissian

Everyone’s favorite intergalactic pansexual Armenian. I cannot do likenesses, so I kinda mashed-up the Billy Dee Williams & Donald Glover versions and hopefully hit a nice enough resemblance.


CSA Bonus! I think he made one appearance during the Qwardian CSA era, but once I found out there was an evil Blue Beetle member, I had to include him. I redesigned him a little, but he is mostly based on the Dan Garret Beetle.