Jack Staff

There’s not a lot to say about this other than I have wanted to draw at least one picture of Jack Staff for the longest time, and every time I do I fuck it up, because it’s nowhere near the level of Paul Grist’s work. Jack Staff is my favorite comic currently published. Period. No argument. If had to drop all but one book, Jack Staff would be the one I keep. It’s really a shame this book doesn’t get a lot of buzz, it is consistently the best book on the stands. I really hope that it’s move to a long needed regular schedule ups the profile on it. Paul Grist does amazing work, and my little crapfest above does nothing to pay tribute to his talent. Go read.

Hoary Hosts

Another character that holds a strange (no pun intended) appeal to me. I don’t know what it is I like about Dr. Strange, I’ve not read that many of his comics. In fact, I can only think of the Tony Harris mini from the early Marvel Knights days, and the more recent Brian K. Vaughn series. And I really only liked the BKV book. Weird. Or Strange.

I ain’t got no clever title. It’s Blue Devil, bitches.

I’ve always had an inexplicable fondness for the Blue Devil. I guess I’ve always been more of a fan of B-Z list characters than I am the Big Name guys. I participated in a redesign contest a few months back, in which B.D. was one of the options. The contest never officially ended, and I’m pretty sure it never will. Damn internet kerfuffles. Anyhoo, this was my Blue Devil entry.

Brainiac likes short shorts

I don’t know what Brianiac really looks like, so I made a no-reference guess based on my memory of Superfriends. It’s sort of my “default” when I think Brainiac. That, or James Marsters. Or the Timm version. Or the tentacled skull robot latched onto Luthor’s head.

The stranger thing about this piece is that I rarely – if ever – work in color. But when I do it’s Photoshop or Illustrator all the way. This was done in color pencil, and as I was working on it – sort of in an out-of-body experience kinda way – I realized that this is the first piece of art I’ve hand colored in over 10 years.
Made me feel old.

And depressed.

But that’s just like shooting fish in a barrel.

In Brightest Day, In Blackest… oooh Pizza!

Self portrait of the artist as a Green Lantern. Fuck you Hal Jordan.

Criminal Court Part Two is now in session…

Night Court is one of my all-time favorite television shows. That’s all you need to know.

Mahojin Return!

A re-design of Thor from a few years ago. I like to take established characters and tweak them here and there. It’s all in fun, and I get to draw, which I sometimes enjoy doing.


My first blog. My first blog post. Just trying it out. Black Panther is one of those characters I’d really like to like. As it is, my interest sorta peaked with Christopher Priest’s run, otherwise, he’s just a really inconsistent, but cool-concept and cool-visual character. I was trying a animated look with this piece, and worked it out completely in Adobe Illustrator. One of the few pieces of my art that I don’t completely hate.