Silver Surfer

When Julia Gardner was cast as Silver Surfer in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, I saw a lot of folks immediately post fan-art of her in the role. Most of them gave her hair. So I jumped on board the trend and did my, but without hair. Just because she’s a girl Silver Surfer doesn’t mean she needs pretty pretty hair. I mean, she’ll be a cartoon anyway.

I didn’t see anyone bitch about the gener-bending online, which means I have curated my online experiene pretty well, I say.

Also, I have no idea who Julia Gardner is.


Just a “get something on paper” moment. Or chipboard. Whatever.

I really hope we’re all not still alive after the eclips.

Batman & Joker

Nearly four years ago I drew this Joker piece, but never scanned in the original to post here on the site. So here that is.

I also discovered an even older process video of a Batman sketch that I did and never posted. So go look at both on my YouTube Channel. Thankeesah.

Anyway, don’t go blind looking at the eclipse, and pray and pay allegiance to the elder gods who will come to devour our world (hopefully).

The Crow

YouTube Short

I’ve said this before, and I continue to stand with it: Eric Draven isn’t dead. He doesn’t rise from the grave. There are no supernatural elements of the original comic. He was shot in the head, suffers from brain damage and probably on a shit-ton of drugs on top of a single-minded quest for vengeance, which is why he is seemingly never hurt.

Color Palette Challenge #400

Friend of mine started a self-challenge. She bought a book of color palettes and has decided to do an illustration/sketch/drawing based on every palette. She then challenged me to join her. So, this is Palette #400.

I’m already 2 behind her.

Commission: Wolverine vs. Sabretooth

^ Click to embiggen.

Commission. Purchaser just wanted “Wolverine”, no deets.

A thing I like to do in my free time to fight boredom is to re-create logos in Adobe Illustrator. At the time she had asked for this commission, I had literally just finished working on a Wolverine logo, and in my files I had several Marvel Comics logos and trade-dresses.

So, I decided to make the commission a custom cover. I used one of my favorite classic Marvel dresses, complete with corner box and Spider-Man UPC box, taken directly from a standard Marvel Comic circa winter 1982. The trade dress was vector, printed directly on the bristol board.

Both Spider-Man and Wolvie corner box are hand-drawn in ink. Bulk of the cover drawn in ink with white acrylic paint pen to fix mistakes and add highlights/details, and mask a few other things. The blood (because you can’t have Wolverine vs. Sabretooth without blood) was done with a combo of marker and red acrylic paint pen.

Issue number of 616 was chosen because the commission is a Father’s Day gift, which happens to fall on June 16 this year, or 6/16. Happy coincidence that it’s also the Marvel Universe number. Drawn slightly bigger than a standard original art comic cover, at 10″ x 16″ on 11″ x 17″ board.

This commission did not cost $4.99, but was still relatively cheap. Ask for one today!

Patreon Reward: Emerald Empress

2nd sexiest comic character with a giant floating eyeball pet.

Patreon Reward: Killer Klown from Outer Space

Apparently, this one’s named Jumbo. Who knew?

Ink & crayon.


AoA: Weapon X

Just wanted to draw the Age of Apocalypse Weapon X/Wolverine. What a time to have been alive in the comics world. I remember it being a SHOCK that one-handed Wolvie still had claws in this li’l stumpy-stump. I mean, it’s so obvious, but those 90s idiots (said with love) pulled that shit off.