Spookytober: Nosferatu

Count Orlok, best design for a vampire in film? Sure. Weird how many people do not react to him being a fucking rat monster, though.

This 4 x 6 card is available for sale at my shop.

Spookytober: Trilogy of Terror

The Zuni Fetish Doll from Trilogy of Terror, the scariest of a long line of killer dolls and puppets. Fight me. My gold chain came off a long-ass time ago.

This 4 x 6 card is available for sale at my shop.

Patreon Reward: Valeria, the She-Bat

I don’t know a thing about Valeria the She-Bat. She had a short-lived comic from hollow-Earth conspiracy theorist Neal Adams’ Continuity Comics, and eventually an even shorter-lived Valiant/Acclaim book? I guess they bought the Continuity characters? I hope Neal spent the money on a boring device to drill into the Earth’s populated core.

Yes, I should respect the dead, especially those who revolutionized comic book illustration in the late 60s and 70s, and helped reinvigorate and re-invent The X-Men, Batman, Green Lantern and Green Arrow, as well as worked on every major character for both Marvel and DC. The man also spearheaded attempts to unionize comic book creators and championed creator rights and creator ownership long before it was “fashionable”. He was a legend and a genius for a reason.

But he also firmly believed in a Hollow Earth, and quite frankly… just… yeah. That’s all he’ll ever be to me. The instant I heard him interviewed on Coast to Coast AM it was over for me.

Spookytober: Basket Case

Belial is a creature that has haunted me since I was a child. I think there was a story on Entertainment Tonight of all shows, where John Tesh & Mary Hart did a story about violent, gory, underground trash films, like Basket Case, and aired a clip of Belial going bugfuck on a victim. Horror had tainted me long before then, but that moment defintely made Basket Case a “must see movie” as soon as I was able.

This 4 x 6 card is available for sale at my shop.

Spookytober: Phantom of the Paradise

Winslow Leach, the anti-hero of one of maybe 4 musicals I’ve ever willing watched, Phantom of the Paradise.

This 4 x 6 card is available for sale at my shop.

Patreon Reward: Divine

Once again, my patron brings me the request of a likeness, but y’know, this time I ain’t mad.

Divine is such a cartoonish and larger-than-life figure, she’s like drawing a superhero. A fabulous superhero.

I don’t know much about Divine other than she was the basis of Ursula from the Little Mermaid, and starred in several John Waters movies, including Pink Flamingos, which I feel, with what I know of it, I can miss. Actually it occurs to me that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a John Waters movie. I’ve seen him on The Simpsons, though.

This post is also dedicated to the Steelworkers of America. Keep reaching for that rainbow.

In all honesty, both Divine and Waters were such huge cultural icons that I grew up just knowing who they were without ever seeing any of their works. They were just… FAMOUS.

Anyway. Support drag queens and give them power.

Spookytober: Frankenstein and The Monster from Hell

Spookytober continues with this 4 x 6 drawing of Frankenstein’s monster from my personal favorite Hammer Frankenstein movie Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell. The Monster is played by a pre-Darth Vader David Prowse.

This card is available in my store for $20.

Spookytober: The Curse of Frankenstein

So, I’m not doing a daily October sketch challenge or anything like that. I’ve paid my dues. I’m good. I’m also terrible with prompts. But, I will be doing a couple of extra Spookytober drawings!

These will be 4″x6″ black and white ink illustrations that I will be adding for sale on my online shop for 20 dollars each. I’ve done a couple already, and not sure how many more I will get around to. If you see these floating around on social media and want one, lemme know, or just go to my store!

Starting off with Christopher Lee’s stunning turn as Frankenstein’s Monster in the debut (?) Hammer Horror Frankenstein film. Lee was best known for his Dracula portrayal, but I remember being a kid and seeing a picture of his monster in a book. I was shook, as the kids say. The Karloff monster is of course the “default”, and seeing such a striking design was world-shattering to me. I never got a chance to the see the movie until recently. I had seen some of the other Hammer Frankensteins before, but had not seen this one, or Lee’s take.

Patreon Reward: Soos

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with the best latinx character to ever grace our televisions: Soos, from Gravity Falls! Sorry, Guillermo from What We Do in the Shadows.

I do relate to him probably more than any other Hispanic in media, being a fat goofball who does not present obviously outwardly as Latino. At least he wasn’t saddled with the most Scandinavian name that ever existed.

Seriously, though G.F. is a fantastic show. I did a re-watch not too long ago, and then somehow convinced my ladyfriend to watch it too, so now I’m doing yet another rewatch, and it’s still fantastic. Soos is featured in maybe two of the most emotional episodes of television I’ve ever seen. Suck it, Fry’s dog.