6. Mer-Man

5. Stratos

4. Tri-Klops

Surprised to see Tri-Klops play such a big – and weird – role in the new MotU Revelations show, but I dig it. Since he is voiced by Henry Rollins, and his dialogue is sooo strange, I’ve decided that those appearances are the best Rollins Band tracks in years.

I made a gif:

3. Orko

2. Skeletor

1. Prince Adam & He-Man

Welcome to the return of the Fall/Winter Sketch-A-Day.

Um… might be the last time I do this? We’ll see. As always, The Return runs from October through December. November & December will of course be Marvember & DCember. Marvember’s inner theme is The Women of Marvel, and DCember’s will be DC Villains. October changes year to year of course, and I decided to do a theme I’ve wanted to tackle for years: Masters of the Universe.

I couldn’t think of a clever title for this, but there you go.

Getting a Two-Fer on day one: Prince Adam and Captain Marvel! Wait, I mean Shazam! No, sorry. Mighty Samson! Hold on, I’ll get this…


There we go.

I also made a weak attempt to animate this.

September Patreon Rewards

The Green Ranger

Power Girl

I think my Patrons got mixed up this month! Anime guy wanted Super-person, Super-Guy wanted anime person! It’s wacky!

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Captain Victory

Happy 104th Birthday to the late, great King of Comics, Jack Kirby. Captain Victory was one the rare Kirby creations in which he retained full creative control and ownership. His original 14 issues have yet to be collected.

Suggested by my long-lost pal, Jason Young.

August Patreon Rewards

Natasha Irons: Steel


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Nightcrawler (43)

BAMF. Bad. Ass. Mother. Fucker.

Which is not me. Nightcrawler is, though. Probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite X-Character, at least in his more care-free, swashbuckling form. I think he’s a lot of people’s favorites. I’ve had more than one female acquaintance refer to him as their “X-Men boyfriend”.

All I know is that his costume is the best and any change to it fails spectacularly. Hell, even attempts to change his hair, give him a beard or whatever knocks him down a notch. Don’t fuck with a classic.

I was looking for “bamf” reference, looking at how different artists draw the “bamf”. If you do a google image search for “Nightcrawler”, pretty much all you get now is the Jake Gyllenhaal movie. Which is a GREAT movie, but c’mon.

Anyway. It’s my birthday. I’m mid-way to my mid-40s. Yay? Umm… not a bad year. Not a great year. Just… a year. I’ve had a cat for a little over a year now and he drives me absolutely insane and I may hate him? No real relationships in my life to speak of other than him. Just the same three or four friends I communicate with in regular rotation. I guess some people have less than that? I dunno.

I’m still broke and broken, but that’s a feature not a flaw?

Oh, and just when we thought we were all coming through the other end of the worldwide pandemic, guess what?! We’re not. Thanks, America!

Get fucking vaccinated.