Patreon Reward: Soos

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with the best latinx character to ever grace our televisions: Soos, from Gravity Falls! Sorry, Guillermo from What We Do in the Shadows.

I do relate to him probably more than any other Hispanic in media, being a fat goofball who does not present obviously outwardly as Latino. At least he wasn’t saddled with the most Scandinavian name that ever existed.

Seriously, though G.F. is a fantastic show. I did a re-watch not too long ago, and then somehow convinced my ladyfriend to watch it too, so now I’m doing yet another rewatch, and it’s still fantastic. Soos is featured in maybe two of the most emotional episodes of television I’ve ever seen. Suck it, Fry’s dog.



Mr. Sardonicus

Svengoolie aired the William Castle movie Mr. Sardonicus the other night. The makeup effect for the rictus grin is pretty laughable, so I wanted to give my own take on it.

Patreon Reward: Judge Dredd

I’ve been hankerin’ to draw good ol’ Mr. The Law for a while. Happy coincidence that my patron asked for him! I should draw him again.


Apparently, it’s Batman Day

Got a new (used) Surface last week or so, and upgraded my ClipStudio license along with it. Having some trouble adjusting to the minor difference. While I’ve been sketchoodling, I haven’t done anything in color yet, so I wanted to knock out something quick to test it. Still having a big discrepancy between the colors I’m using and the output on different screens.

Patreon Reward: Jerri Blank

I never got “Strangers with Candy”. Ever. I also wonder if my patron is mad at me and making me do so many likenesses. At least Jerri Blank is a monster and was easy to draw.

Patreon Reward: Spider-Ham

Never forget.

Blue Beetle

Couple days ago, Paul Tobin posted a bunch of GA Blue Beetle covers and art. I learned that the Dan Garrett BB started out as a suit/hat hero ala Shadow or Green Hornet. So I decided to whip up a quick Ted Kord (MY Blue Beetle) in a suit.


On chipboard with brush, marker, highlighter, and gel pen.