Rainbow Brite

Commission. Client got a an ink drawing on paper and a hi-res color print.

20. Flatman

The Great Lakes Avengers are a team I have a very soft spot for. They popped up in the late 80s as I somehow stumbled into reading West Coast Avengers at the time when Wanda/Scarlet Witch first went batshit and when Vision became bleached white Vision, which is a storyline that has basically influenced the current phase of the live-action Marvel shows and movies pretty deeply. Anyhoo, the GLA were ridiculous and a joke, but I loved that Hawkeye came on board to lead them, and they did prove themselves as heroes. Flatman of course is the 2-D Mr. Fantastic wanna-be, but never quite as good. He came out in the late 20-Teens in the short-lived GLA book. I’m sure it was probably handled with utmost care.

19. Green Arrow

Happy Father’s Day, here’s the best son of the worst father in the DC Universe.

I have mentioned before that I like the Connor Hawke Green Arrow exactly as much as I like Ollie Queen. The other major Legacy characters in DC Comics (Flash & Green Lantern), I definitely prefer the “replacements” over the originals (Kyle over Hal, Wally over Barry. Fuck Barry). But with GA, I love both Connor and Ollie. I have also mentioned before that Connor’s costume has too much goddamn brown in it for him to be Green Arrow. So when I draw him, I change it. All that said, Connor is coming out as asexual in the 2022 DC Pride special that’s being released sometime soon (I would assume in June?). It’s a choice that absolutely fits the character, and no matter what, I hope it also means we see more Connor popping up in comics. It’s a character that I am always excited to see, and he was gone for far too long. No thank you, Nu52.

18. Thunder

Vaguely remember her from the Black Lightning TV series, but while researching her, I discovered the absolute worst superhero costume I’ve ever seen. Thank god she changed.

17. Starman

Mikaal Tomas, the 70s one-issue Starman, brought back eventually in James Robinson’s masterwork 90s Starman series as a tragic and completely beloved (by me) character.

Patreon Reward: Namora

I almost got this confused with Namorita. Two totally different characters.

Not real happy with the face. I suck.

16. Robin

Tim Drake, best Robin. Canonically bi in a recent-ish story. Refuse to draw him in any other version of his costume. Best Robin.

15. Wiccan

I’ll be honest, I totally forgot Wiccan (and Hulkling) were a thing. I read the original run of Young Avengers back in the day and loved it, but yeah… Also totally forgot that Wiccan was one of Scarlet Witch’s fake sons.

Ah well.

Patreon Reward: Evil Drunk Superman

I have never been more excited for a patron request than when I got “evil drunk Superman from Superman III”.

14. Hercules

Hercules! ‘Nuff Said.