88. Psycho Pirate

87. Two-Face & December Patreon Rewards

Merry Christmas from the man who is both naughty and nice and will judge you by the flip of his coin.

Merry Christmas as well to all my Patrons, and to everyone else I guess. If you want a sincere holiday greeting from me, join my Patreon.

The Hell Priest

Clive Barker doesn’t like the name Pinhead, who am I to argue?

Liberty Belle

I made her a mash-up of the Jesse Quick version and the Golden Age version. I like jodhpurs.

Zombie Nutcracker

Might probably crack more than your nuts.

86. Knockout

Bonus: Hulk

I posted a quick process video over on YouTube. Check it out! Merry Christmas Eve!

85. Captain Boomerang

84. The Brain & Monsieur Mallah

83. Deathwing

82. Solomon Grundy

81. Livewire

Cuz I’m alive!

80. Ocean Master