Superman #379

Happy New Year! I’ve been wanting to do another cover recreation for a while. I picked this issue of Superman up over the summer, and as I read through it, I realized that I had it as a kid. So I decided to pay homage to it. Plus, any excuse to draw Bizarros. Original cover by Ross Andru & Dick Giordano.

Try to survive 2023!

Old Man Logan

Y’know, we’ve had a lot of shitty years in general this past half-decade. 2022 was among the worst. I can no longer in good conscience hope that “next year will be better”. It just won’t. This is our live now.

Let’s wrap this shit up with an Old Man Logan (Logan was on TV the other night and I wanted to draw him).

December Patreon Rewards



Merry Christmas. I try to do something a little more for my Patrons for Christmas. This year, I went full color digital prints. Like an NFT, but on paper.

Patron 1 asked for Brainiac wearing the Electric Superman costume. I made sort of a mash-up of Brainiac’s classic pink & white look with the form of ElectroSupes.

Patron 2 wanted the Seven Soldiers of Victory Vigilante. I’m a real sucker for a modern-day masked cowboy type, as well as having a deep fondess for the Adrian Chase Vigilante (unrelated, I know, but still…)

Mr. Freeze






I have a new shirt design up on my Tee Public store. It’s my cat!