It’s Crime Syndiate of Amerika theme week. Enjoy these evil Earth-3/Earth-2/Qwardian/Anti-matter Justice League doppelgangers.


Just a weird. Felt good to doodle a nothing.

Patreon Reward: Snoopy

…and you thought Joe Cool was badass…

Free Comic Book Day 2023

All the sketches done during FCBD at Mavericks Cards & Comics.

Cthulhu Brown

A cleaned-up, refined version of this post-it note sketch from 2015. It was available and taken down on my now defunct Tee Public store, but will now live on – IN STICKER FORM!

It will be available as a sticker on July 22-23rd at the Gem City Comic Con where I will be appearing alongside crochet-master Stephanie Cooper. This is my first sticker, I’m very excited. After the show, I will put them on my shop.


Drawn for a friend.


The Last Shadowhawk

This cover is available on my Art Shop. I developed a small obsession with Shadowhawk over the last year or two, buying most of his various series for a dollar (or less) an issue. I think I’m missing maybe 10 random issues from across his various series and one-shots throughout the years.

Also, the afterward to this particular comic was depressing as hell.

Anyway, go buy it in my store.

Iron Man vs Doctor Doom

This cover is available on my Art Shop. Loosely based on John Romita Jr.’s cover to Iron Man #150.

Patreon Reward: Blue Beetle

Not MY Blue Beetle. #AlwaysTed