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Black Panther OMAC Silver Surfer Ego, The Living Planet *** So, it’s my birthday. I decided to post the 4 best drawings I did for the 100 Kirbys. 3 of them happen to be Kirby characters I love dearly. You guess which ones. Anyway. Otherwise, it’s just a Friday. I hope I’m drunk. *** To …

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861. Black Panther

*** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info

680a. Black Panther

Blank cover commission, part 2. A re-creation of Jack Kirby’s BLACK PANTHER #4. This is the back cover to yesterday’s bonus post. My Art Store Commission Info

679a. Black Panther

Blank cover commission, part 1. A re-creation of Jack Kirby’s BLACK PANTHER #1. I saw that weird Kirbyized frog and had to draw it. This commission is for a young boy currently undergoing treatment for Sickle Cell. Apparently he’s become a big Black Panther fan during his stay. I was asked to incorporate the kid …

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475. Black Panther

Click to embiggen. So it can finally be told, I will be at HEROES CON in Charlotte, NC on June 17-19. If you’re going, make sure to stop by my table (which, as soon as I know, I’ll tell ya). I’ll be selling prints and my sketchbook, SAD MONSTER. I will also be doing sketches …

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451. Black Panther

Hey! Free Comic Book Day is coming on Saturday May 7th, and to celebrate, I will be making a rare public appearance at MAVERICKS CARDS AND COMICS (from 10am to 2pm)! That’s right, as we all know, little-known local artists appearing at their local comic shop is what gets people in the door on Free …

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002 – Black Panther

Another revisit from the early days of the blog. Drawn on a Post-it, fucked with in Photoshop.

369. Black Panther

I’ve talked about my weird admiration of Black Panther before, I think. This also makes the 6th time I’ve drawn him for the blog. Anyhoo. If Marvel is reading, when you make the movie: A) Wakanda is a high-tech utopia & the most advanced civilization on Earth. No straw huts, loincloths or spears, please. B) …

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250. Black Panther

I was hesitant to do a redesign on this character. I think Panther’s costume is so slick and simple that there doesn’t need to be any drastic redesign to it. So I just sorta “New 52’d” this one and just added some lines. I made some other tweaks too. The mask is the big difference. …

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158. Black Panther

Seriously guys, this paper is really nice. Once I was done drawing the cover, I turned the comic over and there was a whole ‘nother blank side. I just couldn’t NOT draw on it. Man, I hope this guy who’s never seen my artwork doesn’t hate it.