088 – The Flash

Since DC apparently refuses to use Wally West for anything worthwhile, I figured I’d draw him here, also so my friend Joe can get mad.

But hey, at least all the Flashes are still ‘merican citizens, dagnabbit. Not like that filthy commie Superman.

087 – I dunno

Some sort of subconcious Star Wars thing? I honestly have no idea.

086 – Lobo

Lobo, the Lemmy of the DC Universe.

085 – Hulk

Every single instinct and brain cell and nerve is telling me to give the fuck up.

084 – Devilwing

An amalgam of my favorite Marvel character and one of my top 5 favorite DC characters (Daredevil & Nightwing, in case you needed help).

Everyone is always clamoring for a Daredevil/Batman crossover (there already was one, it sucked), and claims that Daredevil is the Marvel Universe’s Batman, but I’ve always thought that he had more in common with Nightwing (or Dick Grayson, if you wanna get specific, who is I guess now offically Batman anyway. So I guess nevermind. Talked myself out of this hole).

083 – Happy Easter

Let’s get blasphemous.

082 – Special Agent Fisk

Another of my “Earth 3 Marvel” characters, Special Agent Wilson Fisk, aka The Fatman.

Or Vic Mackey from The Shield. Whatever.

081 – Morbius the Living Vampire

Another cool obscure Marvel character I know very little about.

080 – The Illustrated Man

I’m watching the movie The Illustrated Man starring Rod Stieger. He’s an interesting looking fellow, and pretty good actor. Not enjoying the movie so much. It’s based on a book of short stories by Ray Bradbury. I’ve read some of the stories, and have enjoyed them, particulalry The Veldt. Translated to the screen, it loses something. And yet, the wrap-around story with Stieger and the young kid just talking between the sci-fi shorts, I find fascinating. So I kinda sketched Stieger as The Illustrated Man here.

079 – Palooka