259. Electro

So one thing I’ve noticed is that I tend to really like the original costumes of the characters I’ve been redesigning (Mr. Terrific excluded). Electro is no different! I love the ridiculous oversized mask and the corny lightning suspenders and the lightning flared gloves. It’s glorious and I would gladly pay to see Amazing Spider-Man 2 in IMAX 3-D if Jamie Foxx were in that costume.

So, as usual, I tried to keep the redesign reminiscent of the original. I toned down the mask, got rid of the undies, changed green to blue. Thought about changing the yellow to white, but that screamed “ice” to me more than “electricity”.

Last night I watched The House of the Devil. A few months ago, I had watched another Ti West movie called The Innkeepers (and by a few months, I think I mean over a year). I loved that one, but for whatever reason I never got around HotD. I remember it disappeared off Netflix shortly after I had seen Innkeepers. Somewhere along the line, it came back. I was going to sit through another episode of Arrow last night when I saw HotD back in my queue. It’s very good. It’s a slow-burn movie and I’m guessing a casual watcher would hate it. Not as good as Innkeepers, but the building of tension and dread are all very well done.

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    • jason on October 17, 2013 at 8:44 am

    I too always loved the ridiculousness of the original Electro costume. But maybe if this had always been his costume he’d have been taken more seriously. Go Electro!

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