December 2015 archive

334. Sandman

333. Shocker

I was doing Spider-Villain bonus sketches in September, but life kinda prevented me from posting two sketches per day since then. So, I’m just gonna toss some Spider-Villains in here and there. Shocker!

332. Clawful

331. Born to Lose

But that’s the way I like it, baby, I don’t wanna live forever. R.I.P. Lemmy

330. Merman

Might be the start of some MOTU sketches…

329. Wasp

With my family for Christmas, watched ANT-MAN again last night. Liked it just as much as the first time. Decided to doodle an old-school Wasp cosume. Also watched the new Mission Impossible film, quite enjoyable if not a half hour too long. Then finally, my friend and I got drunk and live tweeted the Nic …

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328. Daredevil

It’s been a shitty year. I’m trying to move past it. It doesn’t work all the time. Last year at this time, I was as close to happy as I get. Things change. Merry Christmas. It smells like Friday to me.

327. Luke Cage

Finally getting around to watching the final episodes of JESSICA JONES on Christmas Eve. Hence the double purpose  of today’s sketch.