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Saw Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania yesterday. By far, the worst Marvel movie and just a terrible movie altogether. It is just a hollow, lifeless, humorless, nonsense shell of nothing. Here is my Letterboxd Review. But, I like Ant-Man and decided to draw the classic comic version.


I need to update my store eventually, but if anyone wants this, it’s 20 bucks.


Makkari Mantis Ant-Man *** To reserve a Kirby sketch for a minimum fee of $5.00: Email me, message me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or leave a reply on my blog. All proceeds will be donated to the Hero Initiative at the end of the month.

329. Wasp

With my family for Christmas, watched ANT-MAN again last night. Liked it just as much as the first time. Decided to doodle an old-school Wasp cosume. Also watched the new Mission Impossible film, quite enjoyable if not a half hour too long. Then finally, my friend and I got drunk and live tweeted the Nic …

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167. Ant-Man

Saw Ant-Man last night with my pal Joe G. I enjoyed it quite a lot. It’s a very entertaining comedy/heist film/superhero hybrid. The in-continuity stuff isn’t overwhelming. Edgar Wright’s presence is there in like a pleasant aura. It’s got a lot of heart. Paul Rudd is charming as hell, Michaels Douglas and Peña are absolutely …

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590. Ant Man

229 – Wasp

Janet Van Dyne, aka The Wasp, White Anglo Saxon Protestant. Because I don’t care what anyone says, Ultimate Wasp was not an Asian character until it was pointed out in the dialogue that she was an Asian character. Same goes for Jubilee.

008 – Ant-Man

Just a doodle I made during work on a Post-It when my computer was tied up with work stuff. Find. Replace. Wait. Repeat. I have no idea what a flying ant is supposed to look like.