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177 – Scarecrow

176 – Red Hood

Jason Todd is a character who serves a greater purpose when he’s dead, and I can’t think of a more useless, awful character running around the DCU for the useless and awful reasons he is. Until Grant Morrison wrote the character during his Batman and Robin run, and spent three issues pointing out what a …

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148 – Bat-Mite

Another request for Joe Grunenwald (who hasn’t updated his blog in almost two months). The only comics I’ve read with Bat-Mite in them are the Evan Dorkin World’s Funnest Bat-Mite/Mxyzptlk team-up/battle, and the Grant Morrison Batman: RIP storyline, which was hilarious. But I do remember him from the old Batman cartoon I used to watch …

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139 – Li'l Nightwing

128 – Batman in Culottes

Over on Twitter, comic writer Gail Simone started a meme, drawings of Batman wearing Culottes. I thought, hey, I like Batman, I like making fun of Batman, and I draw. I also do a drawing a day, for which I have nothing yet for today. 10 minutes during lunch, and ta-daa.

105 – Joker

Joker on post-it with highlighters & pen.

101 – Two Face

078 – Bruce Wayne

I don’t much care for Alex Ross, but I’ve always liked his take on Bruce Wayne, a broken, scarred, gigantic human being.

066 – Adam West Batman

Really tight on time this week, so here’s a post-it sketch I did of Adam West as Batman. Also included is another drawing of Adam West as Batman that I did a few years ago. I think it’s a better piece, but didn’t want to blatantly use an old drawing for today’s entry. Ok, back …

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063 – Batman

Testing out the Pentel Pocket Brush in my sketchbook as I waited to get new tires installed. Surprised it took me this long to get a Batman sketch up during the sketch-a-day quest.