Tag: Sketch

107 – Spy Lady

I was watching The Monkees, and there was a lady with big floppy hat like this, and I wanted to draw it. I realize the resemblance to a Carmen Sandiego, but that is a phenomena which completely bypassed me.

106 – Max

I’ve been house-sitting for my parents while they are on vacation in Puerto Rico. While I certainly would love to go to Puerto Rico again someday, I enjoy house-sitting for them when they are gone. They have a giant TV, cable, soft water, a big kitchen to cook things in, and two adorable cats, Max …

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105 – Joker

Joker on post-it with highlighters & pen.

104 – Hal Jordan

At least part of him. On a post-it with pen & highlighters (yellow & blue).

103 – Hero

Follow up to yesterday’s post, the hero of the story that will most likely never happen.

102 – Villain

I’ve had a story idea bouncing around my head for the past couple days, and this is a very very rough sketch of the villain for this story that I may or may not eventually do (bettin’ money on never doin’ it).

101 – Two Face

099 – Flyin’ Dude

Just a generic flying superhero. I really just wanted to draw a big fist.

098 – Wolverine

097 – Vampira

Friday night, my friend and I watched the documentary American Scary, a showcase of the history of and the icons of Horror Hosts. I’ve always been fond of the latenight Horror Host since I was a little kid. Here in Dayton, our big host was Dr. Creep, who sadly passed away back in January. My …

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