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419. Superman

It’s Superman! That beacon of hope and humanity we all know and love! Yes! Superman!

351. Clark

I feel like there isn’t enough love for Clark Kent in the world. I blame everyone, but mostly SMALLVILLE.

272. Super Zombie

Shiloh – Horror/Hero Mashup Week continues. No need for me to blather on here. Pretty self-explanatory. I did spend last Sunday in a sort of Superman haze. I don’t know why, but I decided to watch Superman The Movie, which, I dunno if you know this, is pretty good. The first 45 minutes of that …

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264. DC Kids

264. DC Kids

I drew this about 5 or so years ago. Sold it to a friend. I had started coloring it (evidenced by lil GL’s plane). Listen, I’m a trendsetter. Skottie Young hadn’t been doing countless kid variant covers, and Yale Stewart’s cock hadn’t been making money from bootleg fanfic.

082. Superman

My first digital sketch in Art Rage.

032 – Superman

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a different version of Superman than the one I drew on this Multiversity sketch variant I’m selling on eBay

024 – Captain Carrot

Today, after a very long time, I have been Rejected by Covered. Covered was a comic cover recreation art blog that I visited almost every week and had contributed to, I think 4 times. During it’s run, the site’s curator would turn down some submissions. So my friend JB Sapienza and his friend Josh Blair …

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655. Superman

This is why Superman needs to wear the red shorts. Bring ’em back, DC!

628. Superman

Suggested by Nick Marino, ALF as Superman. Similar origins.

547. Bizarro