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538. Super-Flash

Happy Batman Day! This is based on this:

510. Hank Henshaw

I kinda loved drawing this and didn’t want to stop.

508. Lex Luthor

504. Superman

I am paranoid about this drawing for two reasons. 1) I feel like I’m fairly certain that Jason Young has already drawn this and I completely ripped him off. and B) That no one will get the joke.

402. New 52 Superman

So, yesterday’s Swamp Thing took me about three days to complete, start to finish. There was a lot of lines, detail, hemming and hawing. I struggled with it, but I never ever got bored. This drawing of Superman in his New 52 costume took me about 20 minutes and may be one of the most …

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350. Superman

You can’t see it, but he’s wearing red shorts. Always. Catching up on Sherlock. Not sure why I waited so long to watch season 2. It’s good.

37. Electric Superman

37. Electric Superman

I make no apologies for my liking of Electric Superman. In fact, Electric Superman is when I developed my love of Stuart Immonen. He needs to write more. I thought about doing a supplemental Red Electric Superman, but fuck that guy. Movies for 3/8/2013: Manhunter The first attempt at a Hannibal Lecter movie, it’s the …

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Just for fun, I wanted to tweak Superman’s costume, make it less dumb and more classic, but still modernized. I’ve also wanted to try my hand at working on a “look” for him, inspired by Frank Quitely, and my ongoing attempts to swing more cartoony. I had a tiny epiphany when I realized that Clark …

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265 – JLA/Avengers

260 – Superman