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308. Pied Piper

The only Pied Piper Flash comic I ever read was the one where as a reformed villain and friend of Wally West (the one true Flash), he came out of the closet. Nowadays, that’d be a six-part epic crossover instead of one page of an otherwise unmemorable comic (literally, it is the only thing I …

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307. Weather Wizard

Part of the reason for the sketch-a-day blog is to help me focus on making more art – and if possible, figuring out a way to start making money off of that (as always, commissions are always available). Part of that is because I know that if I’m not working on something, I’m constantly watching …

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306. Captain Boomerang

305. Mirror Master

304. Captain Cold

Because it’s been a while, and I know everyone is dying to know about my viewing habits, I’ll go ahead and lay some nerdy shit down here. I have been binge-watching Chuck. I apparently missed a huge portion of this show as it aired on tv. I really only remembered most of season two and …

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263. Jesse Quick

I pencilled this while drunk, inked it sober and colored it angry. A gamut of emotion. Jesse Quick has had a crapton of costumes, none really fantastic. It’s hard to be a speedster character, particularly in the Flash family and have a unique look. Unfortunately, I don’t know that I did any real great shakes …

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260. The Tornado Twins

Don & Dawn Allen. Goddammit, Barry Allen is the most boring fucking character even when he names his stupid fucking kids from the future. Fuck Barry Allen. There was a reason he was dead longer than he was alive as a character. ‘Cuz Wally West is the best. Anyhoo, at some point, Barry moved to …

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196. Jaunty Flash

So, I’m not sure that I have mentioned this anywhere, but last night I was interviewed on the radio. It was a great, fun, super-cool experience and I’m glad I finally got a chance to have a sorta for realsie conversation with Juliet Fromholt for once, even if it was all about me (especially since …

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105. XS

This is the one Legionnaire I actually know stuff about. She is Barry Allen (The Flash)’s granddaughter, and she was a semi-recurring character during the Zero Hour-era Flash comics, a time in which I was reading that particular book. I changed her costume to reflect her lineage.

76. Rainbow Raider

Because. The theme month survey is still happening, still taking suggestions. The roundup, so far: 2 votes for Legion 1 for X-Men 1 for Thrilling Adventure Hour – which is out since they don’t visually exist yet and I’m not going to come up with designs for all those characters 1 for SuperFuckers – which …

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