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247. Warblade

Reno Bryce is a veteran wounded in combat, losing his arms. As part of an experiment at Marlowe’s medical research facility, Bryce was given two prosthetic arms made of a special kind of metal. Bryce can control the shape and flow of the metallic arms.

246. Voodoo

Priscilla Kitaen (ugh) is a voodoo queen. When Marlowe & co. discovered that one of the other-worlds is steeped in magic, they searched for an expert. I didn’t want this version of Voodoo to be an empty stripper, nor did I want her to be dressed like one. Being the “sexy” member of the team …

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245. Maul

Dr. Jeremy Stone is a scientist working for Jacob Marlowe. When one of the other-dimensional creatures came through a portal and was incapacitated, Stone studied the body and began to experiment. He crossed his DNA with that of the creatures and soon discovered that he could turn into a humanoid version of the beast. Everytime …

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244. Void

Dave Sim’s wet dream? Void is a teenage girl from china who discovers that she can teleport from dimension to dimension. Jacob Marlowe and his team rescue her from some of the bad guys who want to use her abilities to destroy and/or rule the other dimensions. She can’t control her abilities too well, so …

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243. Spartan

Hey hey hey! It’s Rocktober! And it’s time to start my theme month! All through this month (all 31 days) I will presenting redesigned superhero and supervillain characters. Because it’s Halloween, and dress-up and stuff. I’ve got a lot of good suggestions and some idears of my own, but I am always down to accept …

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341 – Grifter