038 – Skin Mask

Sort of a Batman-y Rogue that I thunk up all by myself, though I’m sure there are similar looking characters somewhere. I just wanted to draw a dude with most of his head skinned, except for a domino-esque mask of face. I like masks. Done on a post-it.

037 – Clark Kent

I tried to draw Clark Kent as kind of a schlub, in the style of a Frank Quitely from All-Star Superman. But Frank Quitely is a special kind of genius, and I am a special kind of failure.

036 – Diabolik and Eva

Tying in to today’s episode of my podcast, Gutter Trash, where we review Mario Bava’s 1968 adaptation of the Italian comic book, Danger: Diabolik.

035 – B’wana Beast

Fulfilling a request by my pal Joe G. The only thing I really know about B’wana Beast is from his appearance in Grant Morrison’s Animal Man comic, and appearing on a Batman: Brave and The Bold, the Justice League cartoon (which I Joe and I do a podcast about) and having more action figures than any DC character that isn’t Superman or Batman.

This was fun to draw.

034 – Daredevil vs. Daredevil

I have gone on at length about my love of Marvel Comics’ Daredevil before, so again, he’ll probably pop up once or twice throughout the next year. Decided to have a DD vs. DD faceoff with the Golden Age Daredevil (or Death Defying Devil, if you’re Alex Ross and Dynamite). I love the bizarreness in the looks of certain golden age characters.

Drew this one entire with a brush pen. I need to work with one more. I think part of my tax return will be going toward brush pens.

033 – Mr. Terrific

As I think I mentioned when I did The Spectre piece earlier, I was a big fan of the John Ostrander/Tom Mandrake run on the book. During the later part of their story, they introduced Michael Holt as a suicidal man that The Spectre helps out by telling Holt the life story of Terry Sloan, the golden age Mr. Terrific. Inspired, Holt becomes the new Mr. Terrific and The Spectre takes another step toward his redemption.

Goddammit, that’s a great series. Fuck you, DC Comics.

Anyhoo, I honestly never expected to see the new Mr. Terrific beyond that issue of The Spectre. Imagine my surprise when he joined the reformed Justice Society and become one of my favorite characters in that series. It’s hard to believe anyone with “FAIR PLAY” stitched onto their costume would be a character that is anything but a giant mound of cheese. That’s what good writing gets you. What the fuck happened to you, Geoff Johns? Go write your stupid rainbow fan fiction and silver-age (but edgy and dark!) wankfests.

032 – Human Torch

Eh. Human Torch. He’s dead. Spoilers. My guess: He’ll be back in about 11 months, right around the time that the Fantastic Four comic would have reached issue #600.

031 – Silber

My friend Brian John Mitchell is kind of a jackass, but he’s a loveable one. He’s also super talented, extremely ambitious and the single most productive human being I’ve ever met. He owns and operates his own record label/comic publishing/web-zine empire called Silber Media. I think he’s also in 38 different bands, he’s constantly touring and constantly making the tiniest comic books in existence.

Among his comics are: Lost Kisses, Just a Man, Worms, XO, Mecha and many others, including Cops & Crooks, of which I drew half. I’m also currently wrapping up another comic I’m drawing for him called Monthly. I’m drawing it out of spite. However, I’m in good company with other books drawn by Kurt Dinse, Jason Young and some dude named Dave Sim.

Brian recently interviewed 209 cartoonists and comic artists, including myself. I can guarantee you I have the dickiest responses amongst the thousands of folks he questioned. Check those out here.

Brian had asked me to draw all the listeners of my podcast. I told him he wasn’t allowed to request anything anymore. But, here’s a representation of him and his company and logo.

030 – The Spectre

This did not turn out as I had hoped. I was able to channel my inner Burne Hogarth a little, though.

John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake’s Spectre is one of the most underrated comics ever published, and it’s criminal that DC a) has never properly reprinted the book and b) soiled the character with Hal Jordan.

Crispus Allen is a fine Spectre, though. I have no idea if he still is the host or not.

029 – Peter Parker

I might try to draw more superhero secret identities. We’ll see.