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Guy Gardner

Everyone’s got their favorite Green Lantern. Mine isn’t Hal Boredom. Get it? Boredom – Jordan? Get it? Eh – fuck it.

Cover Recreations

Been busy, and I wanted to wait until I had these things colored before I posted them. But it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. Anyhoo, over Christmas, rather than spend money on folks, I drew these cover recreations for some friends of mine. I discovered that doing these are incredibly fun, and I’ve …

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I’ve always liked Hawkeye. And Green Arrow, for that matter. I just dig superheroes with bow and arrows. It’s like Batman is just a guy hanging out with demi-gods, but he has all these toys, tools and gimmicks and to back him up. The Archers just have bows and arrows, and hang out in the …

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Post-It Doodles

These are probably going to be the only new things I post once in a while. I doodle them at work to kill time between programs and files loading, saving, closing, etc. All the things that should only take seconds, yet seem to always take minutes.

Ted Kord: Blue Lantern

Welp, fucked that up. The Halloween experiment failed spectacularly. After my vacation, I was exhausted, busy, and in complete and total physical agony. Not to mention completely tapped out of things to draw, and the ability in which to draw them. I had started a generic Ghostbuster, a sloppy Slimer, a lethargic Leatherface, a crappy …

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Frankie Goes to Chicago

10/23 I won’t be posting art until Monday, but I promise to make up for it when I return. Heading off to Chicago for my first vacation since I was unemployed two and a half years ago. Wish it was longer, but I can’t afford to take anymore vacation time, what with winter and all. …

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10/22 I like boobies. I’m so alone. New episode of Gutter Trash is up.


10/21 It may not look like it, but yes it’s horror related. It’s a panel from a short story I’m working on, a horror/western. So, y’know, trust me. New episode of Gutter Trash will be available tomorrow sometime. Tried to watch Beyond Re-Animator, but a) it sucked, and b) the disc was cracked. Netflix!!!

Dr. Hill

10/20 Dr. Carl Hill’s bat-winged head, from Bride of Re-Animator.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

10/19 The Creature from the Black Lagoon is a movie I’ve never seen, but I’ve always dug the look of the creature. Especially when Art Adams draws him. I love Art Adams. A lot.