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330 – Golden Age Red Tornado

Another request from the Potter family, this one definitely from Sarah. If DC Comics wants to appeal to a larger audience with a strong female character, they can look no further than Ma Hunkel.

257 – Golden Age Starman (2)

Back in March, I posted a redesign of the Golden Age Starman. I was not happy at all with how it turned out, so I decided to give it another shot. I’m definitely happier with the color choices (plus better rendering) and overall line-art for this version. It retains the mad scientist/pilot feel I was …

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203 – The Whizzer

Fulfilling a request for Wheeler Hall, the Headmaster of Ok, PANIC!, it’s The Whizzer (don’t laugh). The Whizzer is a somewhat obscure Golden Age Marvel speedster, and the name is also used by the speedster from The Squadron Supreme, I think (it was hard to find info on this guy). The original Whizzer was retconned …

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100 – Golden Age Blue Beetle

Whoo! 100! Hey, it’s a milestone, let me fucking have it! Seriously, I honestly thought that I would have given up by now. Trust me, I’ve wanted to. Still do! Won’t. But still do. To celebrate post #100, I did a redesign of the original Blue Beetle – Dan Garrett. I wanted to make his …

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041 – Golden Age Starman

A redesign of the Golden Age Starman, based on my previous attempts at G.A. redesigns. But not as successful. I was kind of going for a mix of crazy mad scientist combined with the James Robinson Starman. Eh. Another one for the “retry later” pile.

034 – Daredevil vs. Daredevil

I have gone on at length about my love of Marvel Comics’ Daredevil before, so again, he’ll probably pop up once or twice throughout the next year. Decided to have a DD vs. DD faceoff with the Golden Age Daredevil (or Death Defying Devil, if you’re Alex Ross and Dynamite). I love the bizarreness in …

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001 – Golden Age Brave and the Bold

And awaaaaaaay we go! Over at Ok, PANIC! this week, we paid tribute to Golden Age Superheroes. I have a real affinity for the Golden Age, though pretty much everything is virtually unreadable, the characters are all pretty great, though, even the D-listers.

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