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077 – John Stewart

I’ve drawn a lot of Green Lanterns for this blog over the years, but rarely a Hal Boredom. Maybe I’ll make that a mini-challenge. Eh, probably not, I’ll wind up drawing him someday. But he is my least favorite Lantern, while Mr. Stewart here is in the top 5. Plus, The Daily Show is great.

076 – Marvel Kids

Drew this as kind of a warm-up piece. I’m not sure why I chose those characters or why I made them kids. But I like drawing kid version of characters.

075 – Man-Wolf

I don’t know anything about this character other than he’s a space-faring werewolf, sometimes called Stargod. And he’s J. Jonah Jameson’s son. This is a bit of a tweak of his original design, and I changed the base color of his costume from green to blue. Mostly because I was flipping through an old comic …

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074 – Hit Girl

Some people have no patience. I’ll add this one to the “Redo later” pile.

073 – Spy guy

072 – A room

071 – Wolverine

This is how he should look. Prove me wrong. Post-it in pen. Still playing catch-up.

070 – J. Jonah Jameson

No one quite rocks the Hitler ‘stache well after its fashionability like Spider-Man’s boss, J. Jonah Jameson. This was really fun to draw. I need more of my single character drawings to have some sort of narrative, even if it’s as simple as a pissed-off guy yelling at someone. Again, there’s also more brush-pen work …

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069 – The Tick

SPOON! Seriously. I love The Tick more than I love you. That’s not saying a lot, because I don’t much care for you. Guaranteed then that if I had to save The Tick, I’d throw you in front of an oncoming train. Yeah. You. Don’t think I’ll do it? Just fuckin’ watch. If I paid …

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Ok, PANIC!: Famous Robots

Maria from the classic silent German film Metropolis. I was really trying something with the coloring here. Not sure what, but something.