March 2014 archive


So angry right now.

423. Silver Surfer

Not really sure what I was trying here.

422. Spider-Man

Lean & lithe, just like a spider. Had an incredibly awesome night last watching The Goonies at a theater with a bunch of friends, except for Joe G. I hadn’t seen The Goonies since probably the late 80s. I watched it a bunch of times as a kid. Still holds up. Excepting fashion and the …

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421. The Creeper

So. Five days on, the death of Dave Brockie is still affecting me. My friend Jason and I were discussing it, and we can succinctly sum it as a super-bummer. But even that seems too light. Because it is truly bothering me. Celebrity deaths don’t mean anything to me. Even when someone like Phillip Seymour …

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420. Papa Emeritus II

I was gonna draw something special for today’s occasion. But I didn’t. Instead, I drew the lead singer of the awesome metal band Ghost (or Ghost B.C. here in ‘murrica). Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

419. The Corinthian

I think I’ve talked about how I’ve only read the first 20 issues of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman multiple times, right? If I haven’t, well, there you go. But even before I read any Sandman, I had seen a picture of The Corinthian and became fascinated with him. To this day, I’m still fascinated with him. …

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417. H.D.S.

Recently an awesome person gave me some new paper to try. One sheet of that was called “Yupo” – which is a thing I say when being affirmative and excitable. It was a cool paper, really smooth and made me feel weird to draw on. I’ll have to see if I can get a couple …

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The things in my head don’t come out the way I ever intend on paper.


Doodled this in a friend of a friend’s sketchbook. My pal Joe and I went to see Veronica Mars today. It was a delightful movie. My memory of the television program is hazy, but it didn’t really matter. I remembered just enough to get some little things, but otherwise it’s perfect open to a wider …

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