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183. The Spectre

More black coloring pencil play.

182. Arcade Fever Special

Here’s the future DVD cover for the future release of Baron Von Porkchop’s return to television! Terrifying Tales of the Macabre: Arcade Fever Special will air on August 16th on DATV at 11:59 pm. Or you can stream it online at datv.org. The movie the Baron will be presenting is The Beast of Yucca Flats. …

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This was an experiment. I had read something about how Stuart Immonen (my favorite mainstream comic artist) used a black coloring pencil to draw “Superman: Secret Identity”. I wanted to try it out for myself, see what would happen. I saw Pacific Rim again last night. Still incredibly good, think I liked it better, actually. …

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Blue Beetle

If you haven’t figured it out, since there’s more Blue Beetle drawings on this site than any other characters, he’s definitely in my top 3 of mainstream superheroes (Daredevil and Nightwing being the other two). I drew this in regular ol’ pen and ink, and then colored with color pencils. Unless he’s thrown it away, …

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Brainiac likes short shorts

I don’t know what Brianiac really looks like, so I made a no-reference guess based on my memory of Superfriends. It’s sort of my “default” when I think Brainiac. That, or James Marsters. Or the Timm version. Or the tentacled skull robot latched onto Luthor’s head. The stranger thing about this piece is that I …

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