Tag: post-its

167 – Weird

Just a weird doodle.

165 – Patch

Just a dude with an eye patch.

137 – Hawkman

My ex-girlfriend loved Hawkman (Hawkgirl, actually. Hawkman just sorta came along for the ride). Her enthusiasm for the Hawkfolk made me really like them too. Interested in seeing what the new DC Reeboo – uh – launch – Savage Hawkman book will be like, despite the fact that I care nothing for the creative team. …

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136 – Devil

133 – Cyclops

And the last.

132 – Wolverine

One more.

131- Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler was one of my favorite X-Men when I started reading that comic, and he’s one of the coolest looking. Every attempt to change his costume has been dumb. But now he’s dead, so oh well. Spoiler.

130 – Colossus

Did some X-Men on post-its. Fuck you.

129 – A Cat

I had to do a lot of find/replaces at work. So I tried to draw a kitty. ‘cuz I’m an old woman.

127 – Armor Guy