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270 – Shitty Thing

This is what Ben Grimm, The Thing, looks like when drawn wrong.

269 – Punk

268 – Colossus

266 – 10/24/2011

265 – JLA/Avengers

264 – Jigsaw

The Punisher villain, not the shitty horror movie villain. Also, over the past week or so, I have discovered a newfound fondess for the movie Punisher War Zone.

259 – Cowboy up

195 – Apathy

This guy does not care for or about you.

194 – Accusation

This guy disapproves of everything you are doing.

193 – A-Okay

I don’t know who this guy I drew is, but he assures me that everything is alright. That’s all I need to know. I trust him. Just look at him.