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234 – Nightwing Portrait

Part 2 of my contribution to the Christopher’s Restaurant art gallery that is on display from September 20th through October 31st. Jason Young and Jeff Potter, my fellow Ok, PANIC! artists, have each done five portraits of various superheroes, and they are all available for sale. If you live in the Dayton, Ohio area, go …

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216 – Robin

Damien Wayne, Robin IV – a character I despised when introduced and has since grown on me. I tried to make the drawing look as tough as possible and yet also look like a 10 year old. I don’t know that I succeeded.

183 – Dick Grayson

And with this, I am at the halfway point of daily drawings and sketches. I’m pretty sure that I will not be continuing to do this after a year, but I definitely feel that I am over the block I felt last year (when Adam Hughes ruined my life). But enough about that, there’s still …

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139 – Li'l Nightwing

Ok, PANIC!: Sidekicks

Apologies to Bob Oksner.

Batman: Fruit Pies

A parody of the old Hostess superhero ads. I miss this element in comics. Occasionally you see ads featuring superheroes, but A) they’re usually pandering, patronizing PSAs like “Jimmy, you shouldn’t smoke!” “Drugs are whack, yo!” or “Stop fisting your sister!” 2) they’re always poorly drawn and written. Sure the hostess ads ain’t high art, …

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