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New! Improved?

I’ve got a store! Shonborn’s Shoppe is here! Buy original art and prints directly from me via my new bigcartel shop!

084. Marvel Knights

083. Da Red Evil

Another of my first doodles on the phone app. Just funnin’ around. Somewhere exists an image of this where my girlfriend took the line art and added lobster claws. Speaking of, man, I kinda love the Daredevil Netflix show. Hopefully, I can watch the final two episodes this weekend.

082. Superman

My first digital sketch in Art Rage.


About a month ago, just before I got sick (still a little sick, but at least my voice came back eventually), I got a fancy new phone, a Galaxy Note. My girlfriend has one, and I was jealous. Mostly because my old phone was a useless piece of shit. I could barely send a text without it freezing up, let alone anything more complicated than that. I had to restart the thing at least 4 times a day in order for it simply work. So, getting close to my contract being up, I went to Sprint and was able to get this new bad boy. It’s big, it works right, and the best thing is the S-Pen. Basically it’s a mini-tablet with an awesome, fine-point stylus. So, following my girlfriend’s lead and advice, I downloaded an app called Art Rage. It’s like a painty/artsy mobile photoshop. I’ve been playing with it a bunch. Here’s a doodle from it.

080 – Namor



077 – Blue Beetle

076 – Blue Beetle


Jason Young Fortni– wait. Nope. Sorry.

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