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Over the span of what seems like weeks, I watched All Cheerleaders Die. It is not good. Tonight, I am in the middle of watching Proxy and it feels like I started watching it 14 years ago. It is also not good. Both are on Netflix. I’d recommend Cheerleaders more, since it is at least intent on being fun.

567. Twelve

Two days ’til 12.

Future Commission

I just picked up this blank sketch variant bad boy for Grant Morrison’s The Multiversity # 1. It is dying to be sketched on and sold to someone who will love it. Any takers?

566. Shatterstar

Because, sure.

565. Omega Woman

Another pastiche.

Megan O’Malley was a physicist whose team accidentally opened a wormhole. She got sucked through and wound up sometime in the 43rd century. This distopian world was divided and run by either governments or corporations. A government body found the disoriented Megan and realized she was an anomaly of some sort. With no records or identity, they fused her with their newly operation Omega Network and turned her into a living weapon, a tactical, surgical human atomic bomb. While she can transform between her superhuman mega-weapon slave body and her real body, she cannot control when The Network is turned on and changes her. While as The Omega Woman, Megan’s consciousness is fighting her programming and slowly she begins to exert some control. When she finally breaks free, she decides that the entire world needs to be destroyed in order for it to be built back into something worth living for. She fights against the governments, the corporations, the yes-men and women and anyone else who will stand in her way.

564. Steel Demon

An explanation first:

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. I wanted to create a pastiche of a character – much like Kurt Busiek’s Samaritan is to Superman, Midnighter to Batman, etc. I sent a text to my friend Kathleen for a suggestion to start my base idea on. Her response was “Spider-Man, but Jewier”.

I like to laugh.

I told her I wanted a more obscure character to work from. So she said “Iron Fist, but Jewier”.

Again, laughter. But, that explains yesterday’s post for ya.

That said, Iron Fist was a great choice. So this is my sorta reinterpretation/analogue/pastiche of Iron Fist.

Origin story!

As a young boy, Tommy Master’s parents took him on a trip to China to meet his family on his mother’s side. During the trip, his parents were killed in an accident. Tommy’s father had no other living relatives, so his mother’s family took him in and raised him in the family village. Tommy studied – and excelled at – martial arts as a coping method.

The village however, has a curse. A demon lives in the forest just outside the village. In order to live peacefully, the village elders made a deal with the demon. Every five years, the town must send – either by volunteer or lottery – one villager to fight the demon. If the villager wins, the demon is defeated and the town is no longer threatened. If the demon wins, he accepts the villager as a sacrifice and leaves the village alone.

When Tommy comes of age, he volunteers to face the demon. He treks to the forest and fights the demon. The battle goes one for days. Weary, Tommy and the demon take one final attack at each other and plunge their hands into each other’s chest, removing their hearts. In his final act of desperation, Tommy places the demon’s glowing, jeweled heart into his chest cavity. The move heals him completely and fills him with the demon’s power. He destroys the demon using his newfound abilities.

With his village finally free from the demon’s thrall, he decides it’s time to finally return to America, where he inherit’s his father’s fortune and decides to use it, the demon’s heart, and his skills as a master of wushu to protect the innocent and defenseless.

563. Jewish Iron Fist

For Kathleen

562. WW


My lady likes trees, so I drew a tree. I also spilled some water on my post-it pad, but I liked the effect it had on the gel pen. Speaking of the lady, we saw the Rifftrax Live rip on 1998′s Godzilla. The Rifftrax itself was great as usual. I had never seen the actual movie though. It was pretty terrible, but only slightly more terrible than the most recent remake/reboot/continuation/whatever the fuck it was. Not that the new one is terrible, but Jesus it was absolutely forgettable. The only thing I remember about it was that Bryan Cranston dies early, and Godzilla saves the world. Fuck that well-made piece of shit. But anyhoo, the ’98 version is just all-around God(zilla)awful. I thought maybe it’d be a “so bad it’s fun” kinda thing, but nope. I can’t imagine watching it without professional comedic commentary.

560. Lady Sif

Wanted to draw a Kirby-ish warrior lady. Can’t really get more on the nose than Sif.

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