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112. Furiosa

30-some years ago, I saw MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME on VHS. I don’t really remember it, other than Master Blaster and Tina Turner. It’s the only MAD MAX movie I’ve seen. So, when MAD MAX FURY ROAD was announced, I really coulda cared less. I wasn’t gonna see it. And Charlize Theron? Not a fan.

So, when every human being alive said how great the movie was, my curiosity was piqued. When one review compared it to THE RAID, I knew I had to see it.

Still on my distraction from depression and heartache kick, I thought it’d be a fun distraction. It really wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an absolutely amazing movie. I was completely blown away by it. One of the rare times the hype has lived up. I cannot recommend it enough. It is intense, thrilling and action packed and wonderful. It is also a lot more emotional than I expected. I honestly cried in a few places. That entirely is the fault of Charlize Theron.

I’ve never thought much of her as an actress, but jesus, she is fantastic as Imperator Furiosa. The movie, the story, is wholly hers. It’s Max’s too, but Furiosa’s has the greater impact. Goddammit, Furiosa is amazing. I really want to see FURY ROAD again, as soon as I can.



So the Batman piece sold. I don’t know to whom or for how much, but I hope that the money it raised helps the cause.

Last night, I watched The Babadook. Somehow, despite being the horror fan I am, I managed to go into this knowing as little as humanly possible. I think that always helps a movie watching experience, but it greatly helped here. I really liked this movie a lot. I will say this, though. About 10 minutes into the movie, I said “I don’t know what a Babadook is, but I hope it murders this annoying fucking kid.” Seriously. Root for the monster.

109. Batman

So maybe I draw Batman too much. But at least this is for a charity auction. Which, apparently, also seems to be a thing.


Just tired.


Sometimes the sad monster comes back, uncontrollably and out of nowhere. Like the Hulk, but made of depression instead of gamma rays, and sobbing with twisted, hurting guts instead of smashing with rage. By the way, I call this fella “Heleno”. Because the movie “Boxing Helena” needs a male counterpart. For equality and men’s rights, which I actively believe in. And also one-ups-manship, since he has his head cut off too.

I tried to watch The Kentucky Fried Movie last night. It was amusing, but I got sleepy, so I turned it off. No guarantees on finishing it.

106. Colossus

I watched an MST3K yesterday, a 1959 Mexican movie called Santa Claus. If that’s not enough to gear you up, then you are more dead inside than I am.

105. Darkhawk

Don’t ask why.

104. New Wave Batman

Springing from a conversation Joe G. and I had. I don’t remember the details, but I’ve had a note with “New Wave Batman” written on it for a few weeks now. Speaking of Joe G., he joined me and Jason last night to watch the elusive Broken Lizard movie The Slammin’ Salmon. It definitely ranks up there with Super Troopers and Beerfest, which makes it confusing that it was so difficult to find a copy. Although, I guess, it’s not that difficult. It’s available for rent on Amazon. Which is how we watched it. That said, I think half of my joy in watching it was just Joe G.’s reactions to seeing actors he likes. But still, it’s fantastically hilarious. Loved it.

103. Daredevil

Can’t believe I forgot to mention the best movie I’ve recently watched. Saturday, instead of drawing for drawing night, Jason and I watched the 1988 classic VIBES. On VHS. That meant that Jason had to hook up a VCR to his TV. The tracking was so bad. Everything was stretched to fit the widescreen TV. There was a dog constantly chomping on a peanut-butter filled bone. It was fantastic. I remembered wanting to see Vibes as a kid. If you don’t know it, it’s a film about Peter Falk hiring two psychics – Jeff Goldblum and Cyndi Lauper – to find some sort of treasure in Ecuador or something. Now listen, I never gave two whits about Cyndi Lauper. But Jeff “Transylvania 6-5000″ Goldblum? Yeah, buddy. I’m on board. AND you’re throwing in Columbo?! Where’s the nearest theater?! Unfortunately, at age 10, my mom was not on board to take me, so this movie passed me by. And y’know what? It’s an okay way to kill some time. Plus, seeing it as an adult, I never would have appreciated Steve Buscemi or Julian Sands being in it! Now, it is available on DVD, so I’d recommend that. However, if you feel like using antiquated, faulty and horrible old media, you can find the VHS for something like 50 bucks on Amazon. Do it!

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