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New! Improved?

I’ve got a store! Shonborn’s Shoppe is here! Buy original art and prints directly from me via my new bigcartel shop!

Multiversity eBay Auction

For sale on eBay now! DC Comics’ Grant Morrison’s MULTIVERSITY # 1 original art sketch cover Superman Earth 23 Dino-Cop Erik Larsen homage Savage Dragon.

How was that, Joe?


Last night, I watched a movie that drove me to tears with it’s questions about faith, family, morality, life, death, survival, and what it means to be a man. Ultimately, the answers I felt the movie presented were simple: Embrace death. It is coming, and it will be lonely and extremely painful. There is some satisfaction in the struggle to remain alive, but it is pointless. Death will be horrific and yet peaceful, and no one will care, not even you. Embrace death, expect it, and welcome it.

This is also a movie that features Liam Neeson punching a wolf in the face with broken liquor bottles taped to his hand, like a hobo Wolverine. I watched The Grey and it was kind of an amazing and heartbreaking horror movie.



I think if I ever go to another concert, it would be an Archers of Loaf show. Or Hum. Man, I miss a lot of great bands.

024 – Captain Carrot

Today, after a very long time, I have been Rejected by Covered.

Covered was a comic cover recreation art blog that I visited almost every week and had contributed to, I think 4 times. During it’s run, the site’s curator would turn down some submissions. So my friend JB Sapienza and his friend Josh Blair started the Rejected by Covered blog, to give a home to those poor, dejected cover recreations. And I’ll be honest, there’s a lot of Rejects that I’m not entirely sure why they were Rejected. But, oh well.

Anyway, during the height of popularity of both Covered and a sorta sister blog Repaneled, I had work featured on both, but now I wanted to be on Rejected. So I drew a cover recreation of Daredevil # 7 in ballpoint pen on a post-it. Certainly, this would not be up to the Covered standard, and it would get Rejected, and I could join my pal JB’s new club! Nope, it got accepted. I was a little stunned.

So, about two and a half years ago, Covered closed up shop. The logical conclusion is that, now, every cover recreation from henceforth, has been Rejected by Covered. Rejected is the new Covered.

I’ve been meaning to submit something for a while, but time gets away from me. A couple months ago, I bought a blank sketch variant cover of Grant Morrison’s Multiversity # 1. I was hoping someone (anyone) would maybe want a specific commission on it. But no takers. Friend of the blog Jim Purcell told me if he could afford it, he’d get Dino-Cop drawn on it. Dino-Cop is a Savage Dragon analogue featured in the issue. Jim’s a bit of a Savage Dragon fan.

Now that I’m trying to get my work out in the world a bit more, it occurred to me that I could pay homage to Erik Larsen’s Superman/Savage Dragon: Chicago crossover, the Multiversity way. So the Superman of Earth 23 and Dino-Cop team up!

The above image is the back cover, because I love the paper these covers are printed on. Captain Carrot is also featured quite a bit in this issue, so I thought it’d be fun to draw. I also recently bought a new pen and used it pretty much exclusively on this back cover and the front. It’s kinda great.

The full will be available on eBay soon, and I’m sure I’ll let y’all know about it.

Speaking of eBay:

One more day for The Inhumans drawing!




The Inhumans. eBay. Bid.

022 – Robin

OGBW, Dick.


The Inhumans. eBay. Bid.

021 – USAgent

I dunno why I have an affinity for USAgent. Probably the cool costume.


The Batman charity auction is over. It raised 41 dollars. Which, I guess is okay.

So now on to this…

The Inhumans drawing. Bigger than the X-Men!




FINAL DAY for the Norm Breyfogle Batman Charity Auction! BID!

Also trying to make some cash for myself. Inhumans drawing. They’re gonna be huge!

019 – Booster Gold

Loves me some Booster. My comic shipment comes in this week and includes the Blue Beetle Showcase trade, reprinting the entire 80s series in one black & white phonebook edition. It will go right next to the Booster Gold Showcase, where it belongs.

I got business:

Norm Breyfogle Batman Charity Auction. 1 Day left.

Eric Shonborn Inhumans Charity Auction (the charity is me). 6 Days left.

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