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592. X-23

Hey, fanboys! You love Wolverine, right? Love him so much you’d wanna fuck him? Well that’s gross and wrong. So here’s a Wolverine with a vagina you’re socially allowed to fuck. Except she’s underage, but who’s telling, right? So go for it, fanboys! Go pretend fuck a girl Wolverine!

– Love, Marvel.

591. Dr. Weird

Gentlemen! BEHOLD!

Speaking of weird, I just finished watching a movie called Detention. Um… yeah. It’s not good, but it’s also incredibly watchable, and happens to be indescribable. Seriously, I don’t fully know how to explain it, but, y’know, there are worse ways to spend 98 minutes.

I wrapped up Warren Ellis and Declan Shavley’s run on Moon Knight yesterday. All six issues are pretty golden, and I’m glad they veered away from “Crazy Crazy Moon Knight!” territory. It’s still there in its DNA, but it’s not the terrible reboots of the character we’ve been getting since Charlie Huston’s work on the book (an author whose work I really enjoy). I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Gregg Hurwitz’ time with the character, a super-underrated run that also didn’t focus on Schizo Moon Knight, but that series was cut short to make way for Brian Bendis’ absolute shit stain of a take on the character.

Speaking of shit stains, I read Peter Milligan’s Terminal Hero # 1. It looks like we’re getting X-Men’s Peter Milligan and not X-Statix’s Peter Milligan with this one. A cliched, Mark Millar-esque by the numbers sci-fi comic more about shocks than substance. Too bad.

And finally, I also read issue 3 of Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man, which – it turns out – I already read, but forgot I had.

590. Ant Man


So yesterday, I discussed Supreme: Blue Rose. I read issue 2 last night and I still enjoy it. The offset coloring is definitely an artistic choice, but I totally think it’s a poor choice. The crazy blue scribbles were definitely toned down, though.

On the other hand, I read the first two issues of Warren Ellis & Jason Howard’s Trees. I enjoy Jason Howard from his work on Astounding Wolf-Man. I remember seeing some of his sketches in the back of the trades and remarking that I liked the roughness of his sketches more than the slickness of the actual comics. Here in Trees he is definitely going rough. It’s kinda great. I love an artist that can break from their established style and still maintain that “thing” that makes it “them”. Unfortunately, this style is being used on the comic Trees. It’s a new aspect of Ellis I haven’t experienced yet: uninspired.

The book just seems so lackadaisical and aimless. I know it was only two issues, but there hasn’t been anything in ‘em to make me want to continue. The concept is intriguing, the art is nice. The set-up seems like a Roland Emmerich big-budget disaster movie – introducing the players in snippets, seemingly at random. But, I don’t like that guy’s movies either. It’s just… I dunno. Disappointing. I’m stuck buying the rest of this series so far, I hope it pays off soon.

I also read Hawkeye 18 & 19. Fraction is running down his time on the book and possibly Marvel? Either way, the book is still brilliant and fun and I will be sad when it is gone.

588. The Finger

Here’s a character of my own creation that has no story or powers or anything other than just a spur-of-the moment joke. He will live in my head merely as something that makes me giggle like a 12 year old dork. Don’t ask about The Finger! There are no answers to be found! Never forget!

I’ve said this before, but I should talk more about the comics I read, partially in a move to make sure I read more comics. I should at least mention them like I mention all the movies and television I watch. Although it’s easy to watch things and draw. Kinda harder to read comics and draw at the same time. It seems like most of the time, I only read a comic for the currently on hiatus Gutter Trash. I need to remedy that. I have so many books piling up.

One of those is Supreme: Blue Rose by Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay.

Ellis has seemed to recapture some fire lately. He can be one of the best writers in comics or one of the worst. Usually, it’s his creator-owned stuff that veers to the bottom. I have a theory that he needs a strong editor guiding his work and to pull him back when necessary. He’s an incredibly self-indulgent writer – which, y’know, much respect for him to be able to be a successful mainstream comic writer and be self-indulgent. Unfortunately, his indulgences usually cripples some of his work. But not here. It’s hard to imagine that Rob Liefeld is a hands-on and demanding editor, so Ellis himself may be pulling back on his own. Also, let’s give some respect to Liefeld for allowing creators to take his creations and go off on weird tangents. I may not like some of ‘em (Prophet) but it’s cool that it’s out there.

So I don’t know a thing about Supreme. I read some of the Erik Larsen issues, but still, other than it being an EXTREME!!!!! Superman riff, me and Supreme are blank slates to each other. Which is fine, ’cause this comic is not about Supreme. It’s about unemployed investigative journalist Diana Dane and the weird new job she’s taken on. There’s a lot of character and world building in this issue and it all hits the mark. The book opens with a bizzare Morrison/Milligan-esque dream sequence which I found confusing and delightful. The rest of the issue is all set-up, but it’s never boring or exposition heavy and you get a good feel for the cast. What truly sells it all, though is Lotay’s artwork. The art is stylized and gorgeous, the characters expressive and “real” without being “realistic”. The only problem I have with the art is some of the color offset – which could be a printing error – and there are scratchy blue lines overlaid on top of the art. It’s distracting and doesn’t add anything to the experience, other than frustration.

Anyway, I’m on board. Never forget.

587. Doctor Henry Killinger

Dr. Killinger might be my favorite sparingly used recurring character in The Venture Bros.

586. Doctor Orpheus

I’ve been rewatching THE VENTURE BROS. with Bambi lately. I forgot how shaky the show starts out. I had to keep reassuring her that it gets better. I was also kinda reassuring myself. We’re on season 3 now, and it’s paying off for the lady. She definitely loves her some Dr. Orpheus.


I have a confession to make…

584. Supergirl

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