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632. Black Lightning

Suggested by Joe Grunenwald, Ben Franklin as Black Lightning. So. Yesterday’s drawing should have been my 1000th daily sketch. However, I missed a day due to alcohol abuse. So while not exactly consecutive, this is my 1000th daily sketch I’ve done on this blog, even if today is day 1001. (369 days for Sketch-A-Day 1.0, 632 for 2.0). So, hey, milestone.

631. Judge Dredd

Suggested by Jim Purcell, The Savage Dragon as Judge Dredd. I’m labelling this one as O.G. Dragon and not Malcom Dragon, mostly because I haven’t read that comic in ages and I don’t know what’s happening. I originally thought about having the helmet sit on top of the fin, or the fin bursting through the helmet, but settled on Dragon’s perplexion of how to wear the helmet.

630. Slash

Suggested by Ryan Merrell – I think? Man-Bat as Slash.

629. Hunter S. Thompson

Frankenstein’s Monster as Dr. Hunter S. Thompson/Raoul Duke. Back when I used to read, I devoured quite a few of his books, some given away to old friends and lost forever. Sometimes I wish I had more time to read book books. Hell, I’d settle for the time to be able to read a magazine or more comics, even.

628. Superman

Suggested by Nick Marino, ALF as Superman. Similar origins.

627. She-Ra

Suggested by Bambi Branchfield. Sarah Palin as She-Ra. This is the worst one so far.

Major announcement coming soon.

626. Popeye

Inspired by Chad Kaplan, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Popeye

625. Thor

Suggested by Nick Marino, Carrot Top as Thor – and the only one so far where the real guy’s body type matches the character’s. Albeit creepily.

624. Robin

Commissioner Gordon as Robin, fulfilling a dream.

623. Jesus

Suggested by Ryan Merrell. Sauron as Jesus Christ. So. A) This is a terrible drawing. I am getting completely burned out here. 2) Ryan suggested “Sauron as Jesus” to me on Facebook. I am fairly confident that he meant Sauron from LORD OF THE RINGS. Well. I am not a fan of LotR. I’ve seen the films and enjoyed them, but also pretty much forgotten everything about them except for Elijah Wood and Rudy being in love. But what I do know is Sauron from X-MEN comics. Karl Lykos, dinosaur man mutant from The Savage Land. So that’s what happened here. Also, I’m assuming that Ryan also meant “Jesus” as in Jesus Christ from that one book and that Mel Gibson movie. In retrospect, I should have modeled the Jesus cosplay after the version from the upcoming comic book Holy F*ck by friend of the blog Nick Marino – a comic that everyone should pre-order.

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