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Revenge of the Video Dead

So, I spent most of October making a comic…

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374. Deadman

373. Green Lantern

I want to redesign the Justice Society.


371. B’wana Beast


370. Gleek




Future wife.

367. Misty Knight

Just wanted to draw a bionic arm and a kick-ass lady with a giant afro. I could IMDB this, but I’m not gonna, because, y’know what? We’re allowed to ask questions and not necessarily need or want the answers immediately. But, I wonder if Misty is gonna show up in the Luke Cage or Iron Fist Netflix shows? I hope so. I’d also like to see a Daughters of the Dragon spin-off. I was a big fan of the two minis Marvel published in the mid-2000s.

366. Captain Marvel

DC Comics has an obscure forgotten character named “Shazam” which is kinda dumb and weird. He’s also got one of those ridiculously dated costumes with all sorts of lines, metal chunks, seams, and energry krackles that just makes it too busy and complicated to look at. Plus a hoodie which covers up a fairly distinctive superheroic face (what would someone like Fred MacMurray think?). So, I decided, hey, lemme take a crack at redesigning this fellas costume. And heck, while we’re at it, how about a name change? I think “Captain Marvel” is much more superheroic and iconic than “Shazam”.

Maybe next I’ll work on that Marvel Comics character, Kimota. Naw, that’d be a miracle if that happened.


Quote attributed to Paul F. Tompkins.

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