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Bad guy for a thing that’s stewing in muh brain meats. Like most things that stew in muh brain meats, it will surely come to nothing.

Watched the original From Dusk Till Dawn with Bambi. I have thoughts. I’ll save them for later.

578. Nightwing

Drew this while watching The Man with One Red Shoe. I had pretty much forgotten all about it since watching it as a kid. And now, I’ve pretty much forgotten all about it since watching it this afternoon. I think I was entertained while it was on.



Same guy from the other day. He’s not leaving my brain yet.

576. Fuck

Wellp. A year and a half, and I missed my first daily sketch. I guess that’s not too bad. I done fucked up and got fucked up. Too much to drink, and I spent the night vomiting and passed out in the bathroom. Sorry guys. I’m an adult.

575. Mr. Freeze

574. Kirby Day

I had an idea for this character early this morning while driving to work – a Jack Kirby inspired idea and character. Then I got to work and found out that it was Kirby Celebration Day. The King would have been 97 today. So, fitting. I may try to do something with this guy down the road…

As a bonus, I’ve been working on this for fun:

Inking some Kirby pencils via lightbox just for kicks. Inking it kind of gets the creativity flowing, so I work on it slowly.

573. The Strain

It’s one o’ dem adorable vampires from The Strain. Sparkle sparkle!



570. Dum Dum Dugan

RIP LMD DDD. Spoilers.

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