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Return of the post-it!

209a. Silver Surfer

A quick and dirty Silver Surfer under the wire to celebrate Jack Kirby’s 98th birthday today, requested by Joe G.

209. Wonder Woman

Heavy reference. Heavy. Reference. I’m feelin’ like a Greg Land today.

208. The Heckler

207. Cap

206. Golobulus

This was my second attempt at drawing this guy, by request of Jason Young (who has requested all the G.I. Joe characters I’ve been drawing). I wasn’t feeling the first attempt, so I scrapped it and popped in G.I. Joe: The Movie. Holds up. Though Duke’s non-death is kinda hilarious still.

205. Catwoman

After doing the Batgirl sketch the other day, I felt like doing a heavy reference Catwoman/Julie Newmar sketch.


203. Arcangel

202. Shipwreck

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