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136 – Devil

135 – Warlock

Fulfilling a request from Brian John Mitchell, Warlock from the New Mutants. Not a character I was ever fond of, especially now after my attempt to draw him. First of all, trying to find reference for him is ridiculous, and also this is not a character I should try to ever draw. Warlock is a …

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134 – Cerebus, The Aardvark

My pal Jason axed me to draw Dave Sim’s Cerebus. Though I am not a misogynist, I did anyway.

133 – Cyclops

And the last.

132 – Wolverine

One more.

131- Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler was one of my favorite X-Men when I started reading that comic, and he’s one of the coolest looking. Every attempt to change his costume has been dumb. But now he’s dead, so oh well. Spoiler.

130 – Colossus

Did some X-Men on post-its. Fuck you.

129 – A Cat

I had to do a lot of find/replaces at work. So I tried to draw a kitty. ‘cuz I’m an old woman.

128 – Batman in Culottes

Over on Twitter, comic writer Gail Simone started a meme, drawings of Batman wearing Culottes. I thought, hey, I like Batman, I like making fun of Batman, and I draw. I also do a drawing a day, for which I have nothing yet for today. 10 minutes during lunch, and ta-daa.

127 – Armor Guy