February 2014 archive

393. Black Lightning

My favorite thing about this character is that his afro is his mask. So. Black Superhero History month is over. My pal Jason helped me compile this list, and it was not terribly easy and leaned very Marvel heavy. Not a lot of really great black heroes out there. I mean, there are, but man, …

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392. Spectrum

Monica Rambeau, formerly known as Photon, formerly known as Pulsar, formerly known as Captain Marvel, formerly not a thing. I like her new look when Greg Land isn’t drawing it.

391. Falcon

It just occurred to me I’ve never read a comic with Falcon in it. It also occurred to me that he sorta became the main character of the newest Avengers cartoon, and that he’s awful in it and that show is fucking terrible. My interest in Captain America 2 just took a dive. And this …

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390. Misty Knight

One of the Daughters of the Dragon, she’s a Hero for Hire and, like, one of THE supporting characters of the entire Marvel Universe. I’ve always enjoyed her and Coleen Wing’s appearances and their DoD mini from around 2004/05. I was really looking forward to drawing her all month, so I saved her for the …

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389. Brother Voodoo

I think I wrote about Brother Voodoo when I did a redesign of him back in October. So I won’t go on here. I did want to try something different with this sketch. And I did. Good lord, I’m tired.

388. Mr. Terrific

I kinda love this character, but even though I drew his New 52 look here, I didn’t read his New 52 book. He appeared once in Earth 2 before I dropped that series. It’s too bad. He was a great character. Fuck DC. So, because I am a 35 year old man, I spent my …

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387. Cloak

I am having an excellent past few days. Part of that was meeting up with some friends of mine to get some steak last night. I’m not usually one to go out on a Friday night, but I’m also not one to turn down steak. So, when the hostess told me there was going to …

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386. Sentinel

The other black guy from Youngblood. If I remember the 1st issue correctly, he was the leader of the “away” team. He’s basically Iron Man. I looked up reference, and the guy had 90 different armors, depending on the panel he was in. But I saw a cover where he had an eyepatch, so I …

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385. Anarchist

From Peter Milligan & Mike Allred’s brilliant X-Force/X-Statix. I don’t remember what happened to the cast of that book at the end. I’m guessing dead. I also don’t know why this Dennis Rodman-y character was called “Anarchist”. He was never very “anarchic”.

384. Patriot

Enjoyed this character’s turn in the original Young Avengers run, but I’m not sure what happened to him afterward. Speaking of America, I watched American Hustle. Some really good acting couldn’t save this movie from desperately wishing it was a Martin Scorsese film, and in the process forgetting that the unlikeable characters and convoluted plot …

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