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583. Alan Scott

545. Sinestro

I’m sure it’s been said before, but when you hire this guy – looking like he does and with the name “Sinestro” – and you’re surprised when he goes bad? There’s no one to blame but you.

378. Green Lantern

I didn’t have time to ink this at all. Sorry. I’ve said it before, John Stewart is my 3rd favorite Lantern, behind Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner respectively. Hal Jordan, you’re damn near the bottom. It’s not been a great day. My best friend of the past 13 years – a woman I loved with …

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363. John Lantern

281. Sad Lantern

254. Kyle Rayner

Kyle Rayner has a had a series of unfortunate costumes over the years. I for one always enjoyed his original costume with the plasticky gloves, boots and crab-mask. But pretty much everything he’s worn since then has been pretty bland or obnoxious. I can only blame Jim Lee (I did kind of like his “Ion” …

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Hal Jordan

I know I’ve said I’ll never draw Hal Jordan, but money talks and for an extra 10 bucks, he’ll be my favoritist Green Lantern ever, too. This is the first of a series of commissions for Keith Stidham. He’s chipping in a little extra for the splash of color. I used regular ol’ blue pencil …

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298 – Kilowog

Still a better Green Lantern than Hank Gordon. I watched the two-part series opener of the Green Lantern Animated series. The story was okay, I’m really not a fan of the Rainbow Coalition of Lanterns, and this seems to be really focused on that. The show seems to be light on “fun” and takes itself …

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265 – JLA/Avengers

215 – Parallax

So I don’t like Hal Jordan as a Green Lantern, he’s a boring douchebag. Earlier in the summer, I made the observation, with the Thor & Green Lantern movies coming out, that they were the opposites of each other. Thor is an arrogant asshole from another world who has his powers taken away and is …

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