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350 – Hellboy

I don’t have the proper words to express how much I love Hellboy and everything related to it (Mignola, Fegredo, Davis, etc.)

333 – Abe Sapien

Next to Roger the Homonculus, Abe is probably my favorite Hellboy supporting character. I really need to catch up on all things Hellboy and BPRD related.

Hellboy Postcard!

My pal Jason went to Canada last week and attended the Toronto Comic and Art Festival (or whatever). He sent me this bitchin’ Hellboy postcard! I love Hellboy! I still don’t know if Jason is back yet, or even alive. Oh well. Oh, and there was some crap on the back too.

Hell, boy

I keep forgetting to try and update this badboy. I was sorta lacking a good piece to pop up here. I mean, I have hundreds of drawings stocked away, I just don’t like any of ’em. The images I wanted to post up here, well, I’m not ready yet. They’re not ready yet. Soonish. But …

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