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253. Dazzler

I’m not sure who requested this one. Anyhoo, Dazzler’s an X-Man, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, a dimension-hopping adventurer and apparently future president (fucking spoilers). But the one thing she is above all else: Pop Star. So that’s what I went with here. I tried to combine her two most famous looks and meld it together all …

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252. Red Tornado

This is the Golden Age Ma Hunkel version of Red Tornado. I tried to keep her look true to her origins without being blatantly ridiculous. She was a mother who was inspired by her son’s superhero comic books to dress up and fight the crime that was overrunnning her neighborhood. So she was the first …

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251. Flaming Carrot

My pal Jason loves The Flaming Carrot and asked for him to be redesigned. Which is weird. His most prominent thing is that his head is a gigantic carrot that’s on fire. Can’t really improve on that. Jason then told me he wanted to see F.C. as a more traditional superhero, so here we go.

250. Black Panther

I was hesitant to do a redesign on this character. I think Panther’s costume is so slick and simple that there doesn’t need to be any drastic redesign to it. So I just sorta “New 52’d” this one and just added some lines. I made some other tweaks too. The mask is the big difference. …

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249. Grifter

Grifter was a member of the same assassin’s guild as Zealot. When she was cast, he voluntarily left as gesture of support. Grifter and Zealot share an on again/off again relationship. While never particularly liked among the guild, he was respected. Free from the restraints of the guild, Grifter has become even more of a …

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248. Zealot

Zealot is a warrior from a secret guild of assassins who have been involved in nearly every major event in history. She was ousted from the guild when she was seen and botched an assassination. Living outside her “family” for years, listeless with no direction, she finds a new home with the Wildcats and a …

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247. Warblade

Reno Bryce is a veteran wounded in combat, losing his arms. As part of an experiment at Marlowe’s medical research facility, Bryce was given two prosthetic arms made of a special kind of metal. Bryce can control the shape and flow of the metallic arms.

246. Voodoo

Priscilla Kitaen (ugh) is a voodoo queen. When Marlowe & co. discovered that one of the other-worlds is steeped in magic, they searched for an expert. I didn’t want this version of Voodoo to be an empty stripper, nor did I want her to be dressed like one. Being the “sexy” member of the team …

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245. Maul

Dr. Jeremy Stone is a scientist working for Jacob Marlowe. When one of the other-dimensional creatures came through a portal and was incapacitated, Stone studied the body and began to experiment. He crossed his DNA with that of the creatures and soon discovered that he could turn into a humanoid version of the beast. Everytime …

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244. Void

Dave Sim’s wet dream? Void is a teenage girl from china who discovers that she can teleport from dimension to dimension. Jacob Marlowe and his team rescue her from some of the bad guys who want to use her abilities to destroy and/or rule the other dimensions. She can’t control her abilities too well, so …

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