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Patreon Reward: Killer Klown from Outer Space

Apparently, this one’s named Jumbo. Who knew? Ink & crayon.


AoA: Weapon X

Just wanted to draw the Age of Apocalypse Weapon X/Wolverine. What a time to have been alive in the comics world. I remember it being a SHOCK that one-handed Wolvie still had claws in this li’l stumpy-stump. I mean, it’s so obvious, but those 90s idiots (said with love) pulled that shit off.

Invisible Woman

Just wanted to draw the best costume upgrade of the 1990s, Susan Storm-Richards MILFing it up across the galaxy. Let’s bring this back, Marvel. Especially just in time for Vanessa Kirby to suit up.

Black Vulcan

Whoopsie. So, I wound up stumbling across an instagram account that makes custom Super Powers figures and backing boards. They usually do Super Powers versions of characters like He-Man or Lion-O, or characters that never got a proper S.P. release. I have seen and enjoyed their works before. BUT. They recently posted a custom Black …

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I like how this turned out, but it’s moved away from the original intent of these experiments. But maybe this is the goal? I dunno. I don’t draw Hellcat a lot. I like her. There is a YouTube of this sketch.


Phone Doodle while I waited at the ER for my brand new Bell’s Palsy.

Green Lantern

This one’s okay. Except for the subject matter. Hal Jordan still sucks.

Daredevil/The Flash

Hmm. Not too happy with this one, but it’s fundamentals that are off. Update! Shit guys, I fucked up. I was meant to be drawing the Flash, not Daredevil. Here’s the fixed image.

Plastic Man

In honor/memory of Ramona Fradon, and also because I love drawing Plastic Man. Here’s a YouTube Short Process Vid.