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Commissions Update

I made some changes to my Commissions policy/pricing. I raised the prices, but for a good reason, and hopefully a good cause. 50% of all money earned from commissions from now until the forseeable future will be donated to various charities. I do commissions to supplement my income, but felt that I needed to do …

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Commissions: New

Check out my tumblr post about taking on commissions

231. Grumpy Cat’hulu

So when we left yesterday, I told a story about a couple of cute cats, and followed that up with a story about a zombified drawing of an adorable cat named Li’l Bub. The girl who bought that drawing from me returned to my table shortly afterward. She decided that she wanted to get a …

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HorrorHound Weekend commission?! Wha?! Someone paid for this. Actually 4 someones, and when I say that I mean 4 women ranging in age from 50ish to 70ish got together and wanted me to turn a photo of their friend into a zombie drawing. In the original photo, she was holding an apple, not a brain. …

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Commissions for Charity! Click below for more info!

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