119 – Bad Guy

Unfinished sketch of a bad guy from a long abandonded project.

118 – Aquaman

Another of my long list of failures at life.

117 – Baron Zemo

Adding this to the redo pile.

116 – Throat Monster

This is the creature that has been living in the back of my throat since last Tuesday. I have been coughing him up little bits at a time since then.

115 – Rogue

The most misspelled superhero name on the internet! Also a character that has gone through more major personality fluxes since her introduction as a villain back in the early 80s (late 70s?). Also probably the source of my crush on Anna Paquin. True Blood starts soon, which I am absolutely not looking forward to, but will undoubtedly watch every episode.

114 – Nathan Explosion

My friend Brian John Mitchell requested a sketch of Nathan Explosion of Metalocalypse/Dethklok fame, pissing on a rainbow. I don’t get it, I don’t approve, I drew a line. I don’t know why, I’ve drawn characters having violent diarrhea before. But I’m older, wiser, smarter, better looking than I was back then. So no go. But here’s Nathan Explosion on a rainbow.

Metalocalypse is one of the best animated comedies on Adult Swim, and I love it for so many reasons, one of which is, of course, the Metal. Brendon Small is an absolute genius, and the fact that has been able to turn a fifteen minute cartoon about a fictional death metal band into an actual touring, legitimate metal band is amazing. The “real” Dethklok has two albums out, and are all at once Death Metal, Pop Music and Comedy, and two of my favorite CDs I own.

I’m also looking forward to Small’s “solo” album.

113 – Concrete

A year or so ago, my friend Jason picked the Concrete mini-series Strange Armor for our show, Gutter Trash. I enjoyed it so much that I rushed out and bought the first volume of Concrete stories and have since never read it.

I’ll get around to it.

Anyway, Paul Chadwick’s Concrete. Read it, it’s great.

112 – Morpheus

Sandman is one of those books I feel bad about for not reading more of. Back in the mid-90s, DC began publishing (along with black and white versions of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing) Sandman under the header Vertigo Essentials. I bought ’em all for the 20 issues it lasted, and I enjoyed it greatly. Then I forgot to ever go back and buy the trades or back issues.

Then a few years back DC began publishing the Absolute Editions, which were gigantic, hardbound, slipcased editions. The only one I ever bought was Sandman Vol. 1, which had those same 20 issues (which I had subsequently gotten rid of in the intervening decade) but recolored and gi-normous. And I loved it again, but forgot to buy the remaining volumes (though at 99 bucks a pop, you can see where the strain on my wallet might be).

What I’m saying is that I will gladly accept volumes 2-4 of The Absolute Sandman as gifts.

111 – Iron Man

110 – Starfire

Starfire is the Tawny Kitaen of superheroes.

My second Teen Titan that I was inspired to draw due to my Ok, PANIC piece from two weeks ago. So, I’m pretty sure that to every pre-pubescent comic geek in the 80s, Starfire is a total representation of sex, and how frightening and awesome it is. I’m honestly surprised that whenever the exploitation, sexualization and objectification of female comic characters gets brought up, no one ever brings up Starfire, who has to easily be the most scantily clad, busty, slutty mainstream superhero comic character ever created.

What I’m saying is that this was fun to draw.