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Ok, PANIC!: Garfield

This is a shitty joke at the expense of my friend Pat Kain. I know some people got it. Believe it or not, I sold the lineart for this.

026 – Barney Miller

Barney Miller was always a favorite show of mine as a kid and still really holds up.

025 – Li’l Dexter

My friend and I were discussing inappropriate cartoons based on movies or tv shows that were clearly made for adults (Rambo, RoboCop, etc.) and during the conversation, I thought of Li’l Dexter. I’d been wanting to draw a Dexter related post for years, but I am terrible at likenesses. This seemed like a perfect opportunity. …

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024 – Battalion

Just wanted to draw one of the most ridiculous obscure ’90s comic character I could find. In an earlier post, I mentioned that DC Comics published some of the best books they’ve ever had during this period. They also published some of the worst. Hi, Team Titans! That’s where this abomination sprung from.

023 – Lockjaw

Fulfilling a request from Kurt Dinse, he had asked for Lockjaw, the teleporting dog from Marvel Comics’ The Inhumans. I think Kurt was deliberately trying to make me struggle. If there’s one thing I struggle with more than anatomy, backgrounds, coloring, details, likenesses, proportion, perspective, consistency, inking, penciling, the female form, faces, eyes, hands, feet, …

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022 – Havok

Havok was always a favorite X-Men character, and I’ve hated every single costume of his except for the original. Neal Adams is a legend for a reason.

021 – The Thing

So yeah, that’s why I don’t do much stippling. Tiring. The above was drawn back in 1995 by a friend of mine by the name of Matt Lukacs. We had a bunch of art classes together in high school, and shopped at the same comic store. I asked him if I could ink his drawing. …

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020 – Supergirl

Too much black in the drawing, kind of sloppy. I’m really out of practice drawing female characters. I should try to rectify that.

019 – True Blood

So via Facebook and in the real world, several of my friends (many of them female) have gone on and on about how awesome the show True Blood is. To be honest, my love of vampires only goes so far, and the genre of brooding romantic vampires can all go fuck off. While I was …

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