June 2011 archive

150 – Deadman

I don’t know what the flippity-flap is going on with Deadman in the ol’ comical books, but I know he’s got a strong presence in the New DCU, a member of Justice League Delayed and Justice League Dark, plus a solo story as an opening salvo for the New DCU anthology book. But every time …

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149 – I Want Your Skrulls

I call the one on the right H’kee C’medion.

148 – Bat-Mite

Another request for Joe Grunenwald (who hasn’t updated his blog in almost two months). The only comics I’ve read with Bat-Mite in them are the Evan Dorkin World’s Funnest Bat-Mite/Mxyzptlk team-up/battle, and the Grant Morrison Batman: RIP storyline, which was hilarious. But I do remember him from the old Batman cartoon I used to watch …

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147 – Dazzler

One year ago, I posted a cover recreation of Dazzler # 1 for my friend Kathleen, for her birthday. Dazzler is her favorite character, and has amassed a collection of Dazzler sketches and art from different folks. When I saw her over the weekend, she forced me to promise to draw her another Dazzler for …

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146 – Astro Boy

This fulfills a request for Jim Purcell, a guy who has been one of my biggest supporters for a few years now, despite the fact that I am constantly letting him down. We met online at the old Newsarama message boards, and we were both members of the weekly art group there. I don’t know …

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145 – Sad Monster

Sketched this while waiting for my friend at the Urgent Care.

144 – Punisher

143 – Daredevil Yellow

142 – Mysterio

Sad that we’ll never see Bruce Campbell built up to be the villain he was playing in all the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies.

141 – Dr. Strange