June 2013 archive


So Netflix – which has a history recommending bizarre bullshit with their system – has added a new “feature” called Max. It’s an interactive version of their recommendation system, and as far as I can tell it ups the level of their bullshit to a whole new degree. I decided to try it out. It’s …

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149. Wolverine

I saw Man of Steel last night. I am saving my opinion of it publicly for the next episode of The Stupid Sexy Podcast.

148. Dr. Strange



146. Blue Beetle

Last night, I worked a shift at my local comic shop. Sorta. I used to work there, about 12 years ago. I used to shop there until about a year ago. I still maintain a pull list there. It contains two Strangers in Paradise trades and the Captain Nemo/League of Extraordinary Gentleman spinoff graphic novel. …

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I was super excited about seeing Stoker. I tried to go see it at the theater, but was short of cash (as I usually am – I am catching up on the ones on my plate and will gladly accept more Commissions and the Etsy store is still around and you can click on my …

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Once again, I was house/cat-sitting for my folks. Once again, cable TV only disappoints. At least the next time I housesit (a couple weeks from now), it’ll be for a whole week, so I can bring my Netflix delivery system (PS3). I did wind up watching a fairly decent movie on the SyFy (ugh) Channel …

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So thi is a thing I’ve never done here. I’ve listened to the new Black Sabbath album – “13” – a couple times. It’s the reunion album of Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne, their first full album of new material in over 30 years. They’ve reunited a few times in the past, and …

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Trailer Park of Terror. Hoo, boy. With a title like that, I expected something ridiculous and over-the-top with a good sense of humor about itself. I expected tons of gore and comedy. What I got was an overtly serious movie with music video style editing, unlikeable characters – heroes and villains – and villains with …

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Got my monthly comics shipment yesterday. It’s like Christmas once a month, and I’ll never get around to reading 60% of them. That stupid thing in my head that makes me not stop buying a comic.